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17 responses to “The first post!”

    • nommo

      Hiya Dale,

      Really good to see you starting a blog! Welcome to the blogosphere.. I am sure I will be in here regularly adding my two penneth..


    • chris kennett

      Hi Dale
      Alternative ways of producing electricity and alternative means of transport need to be introduced yesterday.The government is blocking ways forward .We need individuals to show the way forward with new ideas, to get them heard about and used.Ecotricity is one of the ways forward,we need more….

      chris kennett

    • Justin Noe

      The internet is a great way to start a movement and I imagine this blog will be a great forum for the advancement of public awarness in renewable power and environmental issues. I have started a petition about rewarding recycling I would love your signatures. Keep up the fantastic work!
      I hope we can change the world.

    • Jenny Hall

      British agriculture desparately needs to develop electric tractors.

      There are a few DIY versions in the US but they are not up to the job and difficult to get hold of. Chris Goodall has shown in his work “How to Live a Low Carbon Life” Food is the single largest category of our individual carbon emissions.

      Can you point us in the right direction?

      Many thanks Jenny – activist for carbon sequestering food systems

    • Adrian McEwen

      Welcome to the world of blogging. Looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts and opinions, and maybe finding out a bit more about what you’re doing with ecotricity.

    • Paul

      Keep the posts coming, if you only reach a handful of us it will make a difference!

    • Anthony

      First, I would like to apologize for my english but I am french.I am very pleased to discover you have launched a blog.
      I have discovered ECOTRICITY a few months ago. I am also convinced that we all have to promote alternative ways of producing electricity. I have created a french company, which name is ALTERELEC and as our the french electricity market is recently opened for domestic customers, we wish to promote renewable energies. I would be interested to discuss longuer with you to know your vision !

      Anthony POYAC

    • Andy Hilton

      Hi Dale,

      Great website, agree with all of your sentiments, keep up the great work. Your company is a great inspiration to me, I’m trying myself but the planning process and negativity sure does wear you down! No turbines built yet but I’m pushing hard. Sorry to hear about the refusal at Kings Lynn, really bad news.

    • Jeff

      Hello Dale,
      I do periodically (every couple of weeks or so) visit the ecotricity website to see what’s new, and I’m delighted to see that you’ve set up a blog, with a good number of posts already! I wonder if I’ll have to visit more often in order to keep up!

      Best regards

    • paul

      I was thinking about the tractors idea recently too…

      I was wondering whether the good people of Sark would be interested in it too. They have already banned all vehicles apart from tractors (and are considering limiting the size and use of the 77 licensed tractors).

    • Alison

      Dale: Hi 🙂 1st time on your site after speaking with Sharon today (Tues 25 May 08) who suggested I drop u a line, re: my many suggestions and questions. However, as this is YOUR blog there doesn’t seem anywhere I can start a thread or ask a question. Although (somewhere) you have said there is no need to register to join in with discussions, why then are there ‘login’ and ‘registration’ options under the “other stuff” heading? What other things are available to those who register? *sigh* Thanks for reading this and take care 🙂

    • paul

      @Alison – I can probably answer most of your questions…

      If there isn’t a topic that is already related to one of your ideas/questions – then feel free to add them here or to the ‘About the Blog’.

      I agree that a forum would be more suited to ‘user/community generated discussions’ – this is something we have been considering and may implement at some point.

      Login and registration are available if you want to register – some people like to – others really don’t want yet another username/password to remember! It is not required and there are no tangible benefits for registering at the moment – but this may change in the future…

      Thanks, Paul

    • Xena

      Kinda off topic but I have been wondering about sites for turbines
      Would places like Bodmin Moor or the North Yorshire Moors be appropriate sites for turbines?
      Seems like an ideal place, open space, plenty of wind, etc, but is it too remote? Who owns land like that? Are they areas of natural beauty and therefore not able to have turbines built on them?

        • Xena

          Oh, and I agree with Alison – a forum part of the site would be perfect for people like me who have continuous questions and wonderings :o)