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5 responses to “Hoodie Hugger meets Tree Hugger”

    • nommo

      Hmm… I have become quite bored of party politics – do you think there is really any difference between them these days Dale? They do seem to just chase around the Daily Mail readership, and steal each other’s policies… 😉

      Is there a party worth voting for? I mean out of the bunch – who should we vote for if we want to see real positive change in the UK (like better planning regulations for homes AND turbines and the other big issues)??

      Just curious, as I have only voted once and would like to use any future votes to support a concerted effort on the political front… I would tend to lean towards Green Party/LibDems, but I am still not sure who should get my vote.

    • Damon Hart-Davis


      I’m looking forward to your reasoning re FITs. I know at least one government (UK) adviser who feels the same, but I guess it depends what your target/goal is. If it’s getting things on as many rooftops as possible then FITs seem to be a good idea. If it’s getting as much distributed RE as possible and getting as many people as possible to think about their energy use then FITs may still be a good idea, as seems to have been the case at least in Germany.

      What goal(s) should we be optimising for?



    • BuggaLuggaHugga

      Dale, you mention decisions on Wind being made by district councils. If plans for a wind farm are of a certain scale do they get referred to a national planning authority?

    • paul

      Hi Damon,

      Thanks for your comment (actually – thanks for everyone’s comments!) – I am the blog editor, although I won’t be ‘speaking for Dale’ I just wanted to draw your attention to his latest post, which answers your question regarding Dale’s views on Feed-in Tariffs…