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4 responses to “I’m no Jeremy… Part 2”

    • Simon

      I would argue Tesla Motors already killed the whole noddy car myth with the Tesla Roadster. Not sure if many people have heard of it in the UK though. Not many I’m guessing.

      I think the challenge now is to produce electric cars affordably and in large numbers.

      There are actually quite a few car manufacturers moving towards producing practical cars for everyday use. Some examples being: Think City, Mitsubishi MiEV, Subaru R1e, Smart ed, Renault Megane (not just for Project Better Place but as a stand alone offering as well).

      Certainly not sports cars but not horrible and nasty like the Reva G-wiz that people have come to associate with electric cars.

      Aside from electric cars having less environmental impact that your average car I do hope you’ll push other benefits like being an easier drive. With full torque from a standstill and no or few gears its a bit like an automatic but with none of the drawbacks.

      Also would be nice to see the local council offer some incentives to get people driving electric. Some other areas offer free parking and charging facilities.

      I’ll be watching the project with interest.

    • Peter

      It sounds like you want to make your own Tesla Roadster. I know Tesla doesn’t sell in the UK officially but I would have to imagine a gray market import would be much easier than producing your own car. Check out Tesla’s website:

    • Eco girl

      Am pretty impressed with the car- the idea- the vision- very eco chic, and the only way forward for the future is awareness of what we have and what we have to save.

      A big mission, something imperitive to do and learn more about..just a tiny task!!!

      Martyn Joseph’s new album “Vegas” is pretty cool when it comes to awareness of the planet. Would be good to listen too when you have your new E-Motor on the road. The new E(co)-Type I think.

      I know of The Tesla- its a good step forward, but many things often need innovators to finetune to make the concept really work for the planet, ethically I add.Your E-Type will be great- the petrol station of the future is exciting.

      Thank you also, for mentioning tree huggers in your small clip- I am upset, that anyone in the commercial “ethical” space- if they love trees they pretend they dont (obsfugated lives) – its ok if they want to make a buck out of them saying it- as in, it links nicely to some work they may do in the Amazon, etc- But on the main- most people dont mention it- cos many of them arent into it.

      I am, always have and always will- Cool site and blog. Good video & good luck. Mentioning the tree huggers made me say hello!