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23 responses to “Another Tesla? – preferably not.”

    • Chris

      Of course the other unique part of this operation is that Ecotricity is a green energy provider. There are a number of green ‘packages’ or promotions that could be offered with the car. Tesla, Lightning or Aptera etc. are not yet in this position.

      If Ecotricity could combine such packages with an electric car which is made from recycled materials and which is largely recyclable at the end of it’s life… then you would have one of the greenest driving experiences on earth!

    • Alex

      The Tesla is derived from Lotus engineering in Norfolk, which is also where Ecotricity are putting in a turbine to supply the company’s energy needs.

      The great shame with Tesla is that the price / performance is still outstripped by the relative high cost here (and the fact that they are not planning to provide service centers in the UK, makes the ownership proposition a tricky one).

      If you can work with the Norfolk company on something like the Tesla, but that can fit into an existing dealership network, you’ll be onto a winner.
      Add to that an 80% charge capacity in 4-5 mins and a 200 mile range – I’d have one tomorrow.

    • Mike Butcher

      Pulease, what’s the point of another sportscar? Invent an electric family saloon or MPV, or an engine that can retro-fit into a petrol car – then I’d be impressed.

    • Mark Young

      It’s great to see all this interest again in electric cars, even after a 100 year gap since the idea was first mooted! But despite all the hype and greenwash, the only electric vehicle I’ve ever seen here in Cheltenham… a milk float!

      Wind powered vehicles seem one of the few truly sustainable mobility options, that we could still be doing in 1000 years time. The trouble with cars is the sheer mass compared to the passenger. If I ride my bike, thats around 15kg. If I rented a car, that’ll be around 1500kg. So the car weighs 100 times as much! Yet car designers do all they can to hide this. They try to disguise the bulk by clever styling, make the steering light and effortless, and give us quiet diesels that allow a 2.5 ton 4×4 to feel like a much smaller car.

      I think what I’m getting at is the kWh needed to make a car “accelerate faster than a Ferrari” – it must be a lot! OK, if we are at stage where we have excess renewable energy, then great. But we’re nowhere near that are we?

    • drivin98

      I thought you were just doing a one-off. Do you have plans to produce a bunch of these or something?

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    • Darryl

      I think you need to pay a visit to the Tesla facility in Hethel to see for yourself that Tesla is not merely a PR engine. We are well past the first car (working on the 7th right now and will be speeding up production over the summer to fill the hundreds of orders that have been placed). We are also planning a service location near London and starting to deliver cars in the UK (albeit LHD) and rest of the EU starting next Spring.

      As for the numbers, all but the first couple of dozen production cars will meet the original spec of 0-60 mph in 3.9 seconds. The interim box will be swapped out for the first cars for free. The range is 220 miles per charge. The numbers not only add up, they have all been demonstrated.

      So I applaud what you are setting out to do, but I think it would just be easier for you to buy a Tesla.

      Darryl (from Tesla)

    • James

      After reading your about me, seeing what you have done! You have the attitude and resources to make this happen! I am following with keen interest!

    • Chris

      Darryl – Congrats on your achievements. I’m very impressed with the Tesla. However, buying a Tesla is not as easy as it sounds for many of us!! Any plans to offer something a little more affordable?

    • Darryl

      chris – yes, the end goal is to offer a variety of vehicles at various price points. The next one planned is a sports sedan and we are shooting for about $70,000 in the US. That is scheduled for the end of 2010. One step at a time.

    • Mike Butcher

      Darryl – Mate if you can retrofit an Electric engine powered by wind in my Renault Scenic which my wife and I only use for the odd local trip and the odd long trip to parents (with two young kids) then bring it on. I will be your ad campaign spokesperson. Contact me via my blog.

      But sports cars don’t impress me. Cars are just utilities which have been “fetishized”. We need real electric cars for real people and real families.

    • Kieron Salter

      Dale, very interested in your electric car concept – we too are into high performance vehicles, we design high performance cars, mostly for racing… motorsport is rapidly becoming aware of the environment.

      We have raced electric hybirds and bio-ethanol powered cars at Le Mans 24hrs as technology demonstrators… we’d like to talk about how we could help with your project, like your project race cars are all about efficiency.

      You can find my contact details on our website

      Looking forward to hearing from you….

    • drivin98

      @Mike Butcher:

      One of the first of the new generation of electric cars is the Mitsubishi iMiEV which is highway speed capable and has range of about 100 miles. It should be coming to England next year but in very limited numbers. If you’re seriously interested you should register that interest with Mitsubishi at this webpage,
      (I think the price will be about 15,000 (BP).)

    • Tony Smith

      Converting existing cars to electric is not a new idea. I remember reading about a DIY Range-Rover conversion in the 1980s (They used RR because it was able to carry the half ton of lead acid batteries!). As I remember it only did 40mph but was fine for the local trips expected of it. Do a bit of googling and you’ll find all sorts of interesting conversions, although nothing on a commercial scale.
      I’m prone to a bit of spanner bending myself so would feel confident in my ability to install a properly developed kit….perhaps retrofit conversions could be a good market for a few years until purpose built cars become affordable? Ok, so converting a heavy old car geared for an IC engine isn’t ideal but it may be a way to speed the transition and also avoid the environmental cost of scrapping millions of perfectly good cars just to replace with brand new “green” ones.

    • Grumpy-b

      The idea of owing an EV has appealed for some time, but most are such poor excuses for transport and bluntly something I would not want to be inside when an accident happens.
      However Citroen/ Peugeot from about 96 to 04 built vehicles like the SAXO Peueot 106, Partner and Berlingo Electriques. I now own a working Berlingo and a few more for spares. Its truely brilliant. In the last month of driving I have clocked up over 800miles. Charging over night this costs me approximately 2p per mile as against about 11p per mile for my diesel vehicle.
      So whats the problems, well PSA (Citroen peugeot) have little support for the vehicles, and in the UK have delibertely kept the replacement battery cost high and virtually unavailable from the actual manufacturers owing to a restrictive contract. I can do just over 40 miles with a good reserve, travelling at about 45mph with quite a bit of hills. A good result. A number of local authorities have supported my requests for charging locations on an ad hoc basis and are now considering more permanent facilities.
      We need good accessible charging points, and the current standard is based upon the humble 13amp plug. This is woefully inadequate and were never designed for heavy current draw for some hours. The UK desperately needs to get some standards set for good workable charging points. This isnt happening, and no Government assistance is taking place. I guess they dont want to lose the massive cash they are making on fossil fuels.
      Long live the electric vehicle, and may the use and facilities expand.

    • Scott

      Hi Dale and everyone else here! Just wanted to say that I found your website only a few days ago and what can I say – it’s excellent! I’m browsing round and I’m really impressed with the work you are doing.

      Everytime I see something thats really inspiring and makes me smile, I find something else better! First the whole Ecotricity concept, then your magnificent time-lapse videos of the construction of the turbines, then the wind-powered racer, and then the awesome wind-power car!!

      Thinking about the racer, does that appear in a Range Rover advert? I’m sure theres something that looks like it?

      I may have missed it on previous blog entries, (still reading) but hopefully when the electric car did go into limited production, what kind of figure would you be looking at? Hopefully a lot lower that Tesla?!

      I have to say I’m blown away (sorry) by everything your company does. Now it’s the excellent petrol station idea – great! I’ll me a keen reader here from now on!

    • Scott

      No worries about the feedback, always happy to give credit where credit is due.

      Thanks for finding out about the land yacht. It was only a brief clip, but the way the advert was shot and the colours used, it looked very much like your Greenbird.

      I’m really inspired about Ecotricity, might have to see if you have any jobs available 😉

    • ron

      I think you’re being too critical, and guess what – lots of people like cars and think theyre fun, not just practical drudgeries. Also, you need to look at it like any “new” technology. When it first comes out only rich, first adopters can afford it and put up with the glitches. As time progresses the tech gets cheaper and cheaper and economies of scale kick in until you can buy a DVD player for 30 bucks.

      on a related note, this article (from almost 10 years ago) is great reading for those with fast electric car dreams –

    • co-driver

      I hope your car wil be a lot cheaper than the Tesla !!!
      ” Lotus makes green cars ….FUN CARS !!!!