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15 responses to “Our record attempt thwarted by climate change”

    • Sam


      Until next year!

    • nommo

      Bummer… I was looking forward to hearing more about the attempt…

      Well – at least it isn’t just the UK that has developed a monsoon period!

    • Peter Pannier

      Transport is a serious issue. Cars are a serious problem. Wind-powered cars are not a solution, just the same as biofuel-powered cars are not a solution. We are going to need all the wind power we can get for lots of things, but for transport?

      We already have a brilliant way of getting around when the oil runs out – “a transport solution for the world post oil”. It’s called the bike. It’s used by huge populations around the world. You may have ignored it. It happens to be the one of the most efficient machines known to man, and certainly the most efficient in transport terms.

      There are plenty of bikes around, so we don’t even really need to build new ones, but when we do, they tend to be a lot less polluting in production than cars of any variety – but especially electric cars – especially whole new design and production systems for whole new cars .

      There are also plenty of load-carrying bikes, that I can forgive you more for ignoring. These aren’t so well known, but are certainly a more viable option for out future to invest in than flights to australia to mess around with world records.

      The irony of climate change stopping you from this waste of time is clearly lost on you… I find it entirely appropriate: the Climate is making it quite clear that we haven’t got time to mess around with technofixes, especially when solutions lie waiting all around us!

    • Sam

      Peter Pannier,

      Evidently you didn’t read Dale’s Post too closely since he clearly states; “it’s an irony not lost on us” that Climate change “appears to be the very thing that has stopped us.”

      But I’ll forgive you for ignoring this.

    • Alexis Vallance

      Any short term deviation from the norm in the weather is not attributable to ‘climate change’ and it’s frankly bizarre that you link a couple of wet months in Australia with the long term climate of the planet.

    • Alexis

      Hi Dale

      There have always been extremes though. You can’t attribute every weather event to climate change. Would the 1974 cyclone which nearly destroyed Darwin come under the heading of ‘climate change’? It is an extreme after all.

    • Fr. Peter

      Hi Alexis,

      Yes there have always been extremes, but these have usually been localised and individual extremes. What we have now is a world-wide phenomena and ‘Global Warming’ (sounds almost cuddly), and ‘Climate Change’ are not really descriptive enough of what is happening, I prefer the expression ‘Climate Chaos’ as this is surely more accurate and easier understood.

      As a former race driver I agree with Dale’s aims and his comment that Greenbird “would get them [people] thinking”. That’s a dangerous thing, getting people’s attention and making them think… that’s when things start to change.

    • Peter Pannier

      Wonder if you heard the ‘Costing the Earth’ Radio 4 programme the other day about EVs and hydrogen. Someone thinks electrolysis machines in peoples homes and internal combustion engines run on hydrogen seem more likely. similar to your retrofitting i guess, but probably cheaper. and they were talking about normal cars not sports cars. you know how i feel about all that, but still. thought i’d pass on a crunched number of theirs.

      compared to your 12%, they went with 17%. i think that’s significant.

      more importantly, i’m amazed you dismiss 12%, given that you’re still on 30% for your limited number of customers, and stuggling to free yourselves from market prices as a result. (and the UK generally is on what? – less than 5% genuine renewable right).

      i’d focus on producing enough electric for what we use now, and trying to get people to reduce it, rather than encouraging them /saying that we as a society can use more! (bottlenecks in planning aside, obviously. i’m thinking about that one too…)

    • Tom's Orchid Flowers Help

      [quote]The figures we’ve seen show that hydrogen cars will do one third of the miles per unit of electricity that pure EVs will do – and that was hydrogen fuel cell cars ..[/quote]
      Do you have any data on the buses that are currently tested in major european cities?
      I see them frequently but the public transport company doesn’t publish any data except the general PR stuff about only exhausting vapor