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63 responses to “The Wind Car is on its way – Part 1”

    • nommo

      Good to hear that things are moving for the electric car.

      WRT the name – there is a form in Tai Chi called ‘Wind blows lotus leaf’ – I am not sure if the translation of the phrase would work as ‘a hook’ but the concept appeals to me 🙂

        • Alan Heasman

          Reference to your suggestions for a name, why not combine your two favourites and just call it the

    • Will

      What about the ‘Aeolus 1’ (the god of winds)?

    • Jules

      Very interested in your batteries! Zebra? We could have some tech 4 you!

    • Chris

      Can’t wait to see it.

      Erm ..


      “Infinity” – as in infinite speed, to infinity and beyond or infinite fuel! .. Not finite like oil! 🙂

    • Hurrelectron

      combination of Hurricane and electronic…great project lads, all the best! John A.

    • alexander peijnenborgh

      What about Carbonada, carbon and nada, or the Bonada Car.

      BTW, of course when using/choosing this name, I think I’m at least entitled to one such a bonada car.

    • DB

      This is an awesome idea, best of luck with the project.

      What about the Spark (or Sparc) for the name? Or maybe a variation of Kaze, Japanese for wind.

    • Ivan

      How about the LEVANT = french word for wind, I think.

    • Ben

      The Ecotricity “gusto”

      (as in a gust of wind)

      or the ‘Mistral’

      (as in the South of France)

      or ‘eddy’

      (as in fluid dynamics, also makes the car sound very friendly)

      last but not least ‘shock wave’

      (again fluid dynamics, but it’s also what the car industry needs)

    • Jared

      This is such a great project! I would love to share this on my website to help drive more attention, but its not embeddable at the moment, will there be a youtube copy up soon? As thats the best.

    • Jared

      Awesome! thanks for that, now I can share it with more people 🙂

    • Donato

      I am inspired by projects like these.

      We are currently working on converting a car ourselves, at . I wish we had “British multimillionaire guy budget” to play with a car like this, but we don’t, so we are focusing on a commuter car that will do normal performance to go to work, run some errands and come back (which is what most people use thier cars for, most of the time).

      Please, take a look at our project and support the cause…

    • drfrank

      Take a flying thing / British bird of prey as your cue – Swift, Kite, Harrier, Goshawk, Falcon

    • Kyle

      Two thoughts:

      I would neither go with ‘Zero’ nor ‘Falcon’.
      ‘Zero’ due to the obvious connotations.
      ‘Falcon’ is a large lard-assed Ford family sedan in Aust.

      Personally, I like ‘Aeolus’.

      My query is; I may have completely missed it, but I want to hear how you’re going to use the wind to charge it. The ‘youtube’ talks of ‘150 miles before you have to plug it in’.

      Doesn’t that make it no different to any other electric car?

      But if you were thinking of using some form of smaller diameter fans sitting where the radiator normally would (enabling the wind being forced through the old radiator ducts whilst driving to turn them more easily and at hgher RPM), to drive some form of generator which in turn charges the batteries; ….. now THAT would be special.

      Never plug it in again, no fluids (except brake fluid) and it charges itself as you drive.

      Truly ‘ZERO’ emmissions in a self replenishing ecosystem.

    • Jules

      Great to see like minded people… and obviously having some very private eureka moments on energy. I am a petrol head an shudder at the thought of not hearing a Mclaren V10 singing at 20,000Hz! Kyle has hit the mark… I too had this eureka – not using the flowing air enough to recharge. Rotational energy is all over the car! Consider this:

      1. Road tunnels have fans to remove CO2… what about, i thought, if the fans rotated from the passing vehicles… that could provide the power to remove the CO2 and power the lights in the tunnel.

      2. What about the water hitting the car….. answer is in my head!!!

      3. What about the wind produced by the poor aerodynamics of the car on the road side… answer also in my head (easy to work out!)

      4. Thermocouples!… answer in my head

      5. many more ideas

      Dale, what about a small convention at Swaffam around your project to get this going?

      We can build anything

      6. A motor that encapsulates a …. top secret!!

      Jules BSc Physics Lon PGCE Oxon

      Oh and the name for the car and project…

      Its a no-brainer….


      Think about it..

    • Jules

      an LED needs region of microvolts to illuminte… and no heat

      LUCAS brake light runs at 12V and circa 0.5 amps at 200 deg celcius or more!!! most cars hitting the brakes as we speak… frightening…. just ponder how much ancient light energy is being used every second through brake lights!!! the filament light bulb has had its day!!! surely

    • Jules

      Consider Porsche… aircooled engines! Isn’t that more green than water cooled? Surely we need to look back at some inventions and realise we over did it a bit with the industrial revolution and a lot of answers are already staring us in the face!!

    • lloyd

      Hi Dale,

      How about combining these technologies:
      in producing a wind jet car.

      These two companies are in my neighbourhood in the Galilee, Israel.

      Could this work?

      Also, it would be cool to looking into doing this open source style.

      Whatever the case – you are so on track. Keep leading the way!

      Cheers, Lloyd

    • Gary

      Cool concept, hope you build more than one
      call it
      Farbon Khyber
      or Energy Mazes

    • lloyd

      How about WIND Powered?

      Having the name explain what it is is always best.


    • Justin Noe

      Are Ultracapacitors the ultimate battery? I’ve just been reading this article from :

      “There is been quite a bit of focus lately on lithium ion batteries. As Michael C pointed out here in the last article, lithium is a limited supply and cannot sustain us for the long-term.”

      “Capacitors already enjoy the benefit of fast charging and discharging. Caps can be totally discharged without failure, left in sub zero temperatures for months (or years). Sub zero charging is no problem. Caps also charge at a 95% rate of efficiency. Capacitors can be charged a half million times (or more) and not show any aging (failure to hold full charge). No exotic materials are needed to make a capacitor and no depletion of any material will occur. All these qualities are needed by the auto manufacturers for a car that is less expensive, will start every time and have a long life without problems.”

      It also goes on

      “Wind power generation and the ultracapacitor are complementary technologies, since we need to be able to store some of that power. Also ultracapacitors are used in windmills to control the pitch and movement of the blades. Can we expect to see more widespread use of the ultracapacitor, as sustainable energy sources are further developed and become more available? No Doubt! Ultracapacitors are making their mark now in many applications.”

      So Are Ultracapacitors better than batteries?

    • Adi

      Hi Dale,

      The UK’s first electric taxi powered by renewables back in 2000 – which you had a go in had a “Lynch” motor. A genius redesign to give < 3 X the amount of power for the same motor weight. Later – a friend used 2 Lynch motors instead of one (as the taxi was on the slow side and we burned a few cars on the Ebley bypass! Anyhow – I gave up that electric car line as it doesn’t pay for itself commercially, so I may be well out of date with developments.. but if your engineers have not heard of the Lynch motor then that should be an option for your power-weight ratio issue. (The inventor is still about and if I remember correctly make a large version of it)

      Also, and this is a long shot .. but the french chap who is now producing the air cars (in India I think) would be worth approaching for a piece of advice – specifically: whether the energy density of a compressed air container could potentially be less than the weight of conventional batterys. Put another way: Im suggesting that the air store replaces the battery – if the air store is lighter. (The compressor can be still be wind charged of course). Just a thought – I may be well off and the air tank may weigh more – but worth investigating and eliminating – if you haven’t already done so.

      The WindCar will be a good advert for you anyhow – but wont be downscalable for commercial use. For commercial it would be better to have a plug in diesel-hybrid (biofuel) hybrid which is normally charge but run on carbon neutral biofuel for longer ranges when needed. Basically a slight variation to the Prius concept would make it carbon neutral.

      Keep on


    • leo

      just an obvious thought:
      will the rear motors work in unisome, or will they be able to work like a differential to allow unsymmetrical power delivery to each rear wheel to give maximum traction in cornering, wet, uneven ground etc. conditions???

    • Taylor

      Name for the car.

      Event or E-vent. ‘vent’ is French for ‘wind’ and event has numerous thesaurus connotations (all good)


      ‘Advent’ – many good meanings.

      Or Road-Winder (sounds a bit like a side-winder, missile or snake) and of course has the word ‘wind’ in it.

      Don’t clap – just throw money (cheques, credit cards)

    • Paul Denney

      As for a name how about the “G type” with the “G” as a bold capital in green.

      Good luck with the project.

      Paul Denney

    • Denny Kimble

      Sir; I have a patent on a ele car that charges it self. Mind will go over 120 mph. It is not a hybird or solar. The number of batteries is only 8 to 16 [Depending on size of motor] It uses no gas or oil. It will last for about 4 to 6 years agine depending on use. Then the batteries need to be replaced.It is also a mid size car, not a small car. I also can make a suv or larger one if need be. I am making a dvd, an it will be finish soon. If you need more info please email me. Thanks: Denny Kimble

    • Denny Kimble

      Sir; I for got to tell you that I started this in 1978, So I have been working on every nut an bolt on this car. It looks like that we both need help on getting our cars to market. please email me, with any questions you may have.

      Thangs: Denny Kimble

    • BigP

      Naming it after a wind as suggested above? Good idea. How about something to do with the sirocco? An unstoppable, penetrating wind which arises when the heat of tropical Africa blows towards Europe. We are all worried that Europe is going to experience hotter weather long-term in the future….

      And sirocco has some kind of sound similarity to zero-CO (admittedly that’s monoxide) or zero-coal.

    • Mick Dann

      Great idea – you might want to see what these guys are doing too:

      Hope you are incorporating regenerative braking into the design – no use wasting all the braking energy to heat, use it to top-up the batteries !


    • Scott

      This might have already been mentioned, but there is already a Volkswagen with the name Scirocco. I believe they have also released a new version as well. Would that cause problems in using the same name?

    • Al

      Hi Dale

      I’m surprised that you have dismissed regenerative braking as a marketing tool. Some train operators are reporting 21% return for regen trains.

      The level of returned energy will depend on how often you are decelerating, turning kinetic energy back into electricity, That’s going to depend on how and where you drive.

      Since this is a sports car, and they are meant to be driven hard, that’s a lot of energy just wasted.

      And while you’ve got the seats out take the opportunity to replace the standard speakers!

      Good luck with the project and your company.

    • Grupmpy_b

      Its great to see this project, hopefully to further interest in EVs. We now run 2 Citroen Berlingo Electriques, and clocking up 1200 miles per month. Only problem is the recent increase in Electricity prices!!
      With regard to re-generative braking, its great. On the Berlingos the design of the systems is brilliant, you only recover about 20% of the energy, but the simplicity you get in driving far outweighs the disbenefits of such a system.
      Many people who we talk to readily admit they could use a vehicle such as the Blingo even with its 40+ mile range.

      Good luck, next step is a new version of the Berlingo/ equivalent at a decent cost. It would sell loads.


    • Moonbeam

      I’m with Kyle here (see below) only I imagined the long thin turbine to be across the roof of the car like a taxi bar with a long lawn mower roller blade shape inside. I know little about mechanical physics but are you sure the wind going over the car can’t be utilised as well, even if it was to subsidise the energy from the plug and yes I hear what you say about drag etc but is there not a pay off available somewhere special fins and shape etc. and how about photoelec cells all over at the same time. My car conks out when I do short runs in the winter because I have lights/heater/radio on. As My car sits mostly all day it could be charging at this time instead of me having to do an extra mile so I can use the heater.

      As I say I know nothing but I do listen to my intuition – I see the future as individual generating mini wind turbines, solar panels etc each individual generating their own energy supply on a microscale as well as more commercial ventures

      Love & Light and keep the mind turbines turning.

      As for a name I suggest the ZC (pronounced ZED SEE)Zero Carbonista!!!!

      Kyles comments Sept 18 2008:
      But if you were thinking of using some form of smaller diameter fans sitting where the radiator normally would (enabling the wind being forced through the old radiator ducts whilst driving to turn them more easily and at hgher RPM), to drive some form of generator which in turn charges the batteries; ….. now THAT would be special.

    • bones16

      Just came across your website on the wind car. As I am considering developing my own electric vehicle, I was wondering why you opted for 2 wheel drive system rather than a 4 wheel drive?

    • Denny Kimble

      Hi My name is Denny Kimble,I have all ready invented the Wind car,I did it before 1979. From that time till now, I have been improving the car speed,looks,Ect. I have a cd of it if any one would like to see it,or ask any questions, My email is From what I see in yours it may look the same,or at lease work the same. Good luck on the speed, it took me 15 years to get it past 100 mph. Only thing is, mind will never need to be charged. It will last from 6 to 8 years depending on use and is not a hybird.It is all electric..Thanks, If I can help you, please let me know

    • MechaZilla

      I feel I must respond to Denny’s comment from 25/01.
      From what I can gather you are saying that you have designed and built a completely electric car that will exceed 100mph and will never need charging. Is this what the science world has been looking for as evidence that perpetual motion exists?

      In fact this would have to be a step beyond perpetual motion since in order that the car remain constantly charged AND can travel what one must assume is infinite distance then the energy being put into it must be greater than the energy being used to travel. Have you discovered the key to cold fusion perhaps? Or maybe you’ve harnessed the power of a point singularity, because if we agree that current understanding of thermodynamics, entropy and enthalpy are correct then your options of power plant are somewhat limited.

      I would suggest you write to the Nobel Foundation and submit for a prize. (

    • Denny Kimble

      No ,It is not pm. that does not exist.Before you make fun of some one.You should study wind power. yes. I do charge the batteres before it goes into the car,after that, wind power charges the cells.The motor uses less than the generators produce.I have 4 to 8 generators, depending on size of motor.The cells only last for about 6 to 8 years before they to need to be changed.As you go down the road, the car is charged by the wind that is passing threw it.If you would like to see a cd of it,please send me your address and I will send you one,free.Thanks for your Denny Kimble

    • Gundam

      Denny, I’m still not clear how this isn’t perpetual motion. The airflow through the car is as a result of the car’s forward motion and therefore is created by the motor. You then extract energy from this airflow to create more forward motion.

      How is this different to using a turbine to power a giant fan which then blows air at the turbine to generate power?

      And finally, is there any reason why you couldn’t post the contents of your CD online somewhere?

    • Denny Kimble

      Hi Gundan. First of all. the batteres need to be charged before installing in the car. That stops the pm. Because the motor is not using all the power that the generators can produce. It needs to be balance. If you had a 4 cycle motor you could not put a 24 volt battery,that is too much, that is why we usr 12 volt.The same thing as ele. cars. the smaller the motor the less we need, the larger the motor the more we need.
      I do not know how are where to web the cd. If you go to the company I use,you most likely will see it Thanks for the commet
      And no it is not the same as you think, the fans only work because of the input. not the charge,I understand what you are saying, But it will not happen like that,sorry Denny

    • Dave

      Dear all… I suggest we just leave this whole discussion alone, because Denny’s writing style is as impossible to grasp as the idea itself. And the website he suggested doesn’t exist. Please, let’s move on.

    • Denny Kimble

      Hey Guys.. sorry,, I am not good with a computer.. I am much better in person. I write as I think,and sometimes I get ahead of my self. The web site is [ ] . I had it backwards. I will send anyone a cd, so you can see what I am trying to say.Sorry for all the confustion.I,m not as crazy as I write.If you would like a cd please let me know.

    • Steve Probitts

      Hi i find your web site very interesting and full of useful info and a very good video.
      i have 3 wind generators/turbines and 4 solar panels my self and i run my 2 tvs and lights on them, so i am saving money and help saving the environment!
      Regards Steve.

    • ahmed

      hey , y dont u call it ” windy” ?

    • Todd

      Since vehicle speed seems to come up and the speed of the wind is a factor to recharge, what about Velocity or simply VELO for a name.

    • chilton

      another great invention…its makers deserves a fine recognition from auto of luck to this new technology..

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