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5 responses to “Crazy guys jumping off our turbines”

    • Jan

      Great film Dale. Were you tempted to jump too?
      I can see an off-shoot business coming out of this – base jump centres at all your turbine sites! Think of the income you could generate on non-windy days. And it’s so much greener than using a plane to get to altitude.

    • Damon Hart-Davis

      Huh! Did my first (and only!) jump from 13,500′ with no training. B^>



    • chris

      Apologies if this is a bit random for this particular blog. But it’s relevant to the group (and I’m sure Peter may appreciate this!:)

      If you’re against:
      -The New Coal fired power station.
      -The 3rd runway at Heathrow.
      -Unsustainable agro-fuels.

      And pro massive renewable investment. Take part in the global day of action on December 6th:

      Speakers will include George Monbiot, Caroline Lucas (leader, Green party) and Michael Meacher (ex-environment minister).