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17 responses to “The Wind Car is on its way – video update part 2”

    • Chris

      Any chance of a solar ‘top up’ system to increase range or even just to supply internal instruments (like the Aptera) such as AC/GPS/MP3 Player/Alarm/Demobiliser ?

      I’m also thinking an electric motorbike will be a piece of cake after this beast!?

    • Justin Noe

      What’s the fastest this car will go? and how long will it keep that speed up? I’m no boy racer but if the car has a top speed of 70mph and can only last a few miles at this speed I suspect people will get very frustrated very quickly.
      By the way I think what you’re doing is fantastic and wish you all the very best with it all.

    • Jonathan Collyear


      I am very interested in the car, i personally think that everything about ecotricity is brilliant i truly can not believe more people do not know about its green credentials. Unfortunately i can’t seem to get the video to work i am assuming that a few other people are finding the same reason hence the lack of comments. Can’t wait for the next update.


    • Chris Goff

      I have a friend at the Ford design and test facility in Essex that tells me that Ford has NO plans to make hybrid or electric vehicles. This short-sightedness is very depressing. I hope after Dale finishes his little toy, he can put his engineers to work making a more consumer/practical vehicle. Shame that Tesla might go under. They were the only manufacturer inspiring the imagination in this space…

    • David hicks

      Great that you are getting into electric cars.
      When your staff see you with this car they will want one too.

      So why not install charging points at all your offices and give a grant to any of your employees that buy a electric car.
      They could have your logo on the side of the car as well.

      The Ze o from the Nice Electric car company is on the market right now at around £14000.
      This has a range of around 50 miles I am sure most of the people that work in your offices live closer than this?

    • colin thomas

      Good to see that someone else is moving into the electric vehicle market, there must be more opportunities than the present car manufactures see. Motor bikes are a great use of this technology, ive been riding around sheffield for the past 18 months on a vectix and its been brilliant, the only time i need to call in at the garage is to check on my tyre pressures! So ecotricity power is being used in the transport sector already, lets hope that this increases as more people get to see its advantages. By the way, you dont need to worry about charging stations, a long extension will do. Cheers colin.

    • Derek Thomas

      I have driven the Tesla Roadster in London. Very impressive. It would be good if you could improve on the 150 mile range to equal or exceed the Tesla range of 244 miles. I look forward to viewing your car.

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    • Debra

      Hi Dale,

      I’m really happy to have come across your blog and found out about this project. One of the arguments I hear time and again about electric cars is that they are no fun. And as car makers aren’t coming up with the goods I’m so glad that someone is working on it.

    • derek thomas


      Thanks for the reply. No I only drove the Tesla for a short distance around Belgravia Square London with an invite from Tesla at the Society of Motor Manufacturers HQ. The Tesla was featured on Top Gear last night. You should be able to log on to to run the programme.

      Look forward to driving your car


    • David hicks

      Yes i heard that Nice had gone bust
      I also heard that Teslar a are in financial difficulties

      The future of the electric car depends on the oil price.
      At the moment its gone too low and people will loose interest
      in electric cars because petrol will become cheaper.

      There is some hope with project “Better Place” in Israel.
      Much also depends on the bail out conditions of the American
      car industry if the bail out has conditions like “they must make electric cars” It could be good.

      There is a fundamental reason the car industry does not want electric cars. Electric cars have very few parts compared to ICE engines, and electric motors are very reliable.
      So the car industry wants to sell us spare parts and the oil industry wants to sell us oil.
      Why would they want a electric car?

      I compare it to Dyson making a bagless cleaner. The cleaner people were not interested because they just thought about the bag sales they would loose.
      Dyson had to make it himself.
      So Dale well done for following his example
      If you cannot buy what you want make it yourself.
      Keep up the good work in promoting electric cars.
      A Toyota Prius owner who would love to buy a real electric car.