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112 responses to “Where’s Mulder and Scully when you need them?”

    • Matt

      I think we’ve all been waiting for your views on this Dale!

      I guess we’ll continue waiting with baited breath and let the speculation continue!

    • Michael Willoughby

      Thanks for that. Can I be pedantic and point out that the Sun was justified in saying that a UFO hit the turbine? UFO doesn’t mean ‘alien craft,’ but ‘something that no one can identify.’

      Building Magazine

    • Phil Clark

      Thanks for keeping us up to speed on the mystery Dale. Somehow I’m doubtful that the Sun will be following this up – Collision or maintenance caused turbine collapse doesn’t quite have the same ring about it.
      Couple of immediate questions – Do the probable causes point to potential future problems with similar models? And has this put you off the technology?

    • Sam


      you’re point concerning the abbreviation ‘UFO’ is correct, however it was the definitive claim and lack of speculation that was questionable / amusing. (considering even 7 days later there is still no certain answer).

      i think that’s what the previous comment was referring to.


    • Michael Willoughby

      I’m not saying it isn’t mysterious!

    • Matt

      It certainly is mysterious!

      Im secretly wishing is was Aliens but realistically its hard to believe.

    • Dave Moss

      It was an interesting few days photographing your wind turbines for The Sun. Not so interesting freezing to the point of finger pains on Saturday. How did that security guard stand there all day?
      Much funnier accompanying the reporter with metal detector to search for anything ‘out there’ yesterday.
      Seriously though, having spoken to your maintenance engineers I know more about your green intentions and price-matching. As someone with a large electricity bill – even with EDF – I’ll be calling your switch line now.
      May The Force Be With You!

    • Chris

      Surely a (big-ish) bird is the simplist explanation?! Well, if both the blades and the bird are moving at high speed is this not conceivable? .. Erm and then a fox picks up the dead bird for dinner! Yeah, that’ll do.

      I love how the media world plunges for the UFO as the most probable option though!… Ha! I say go with it! End the investigation right now!! Then do a press conference saying you have ‘evidence’ that it IS sabotage executed by deviant aliens and you’re working with some black coats from Area 51 to combat the evil critters! Then in a statement of defiance to them up there, you rebuild the windmill complete with slogan printed on it “ET go home”. 🙂

    • Lloyd

      Why are you people at Ecotricity assisting in the covering up an alien crash!! Did the MoD pay you to be silent? Stop the cooperation with the Reptillians!

      Dale, bro (and the rest of you), you need to read David Icke’s work titled, “The Biggest Secret: The Book That Will Change the World (

      In it he details the Reptillian conspiracy and infiltration of the British and American governments and how the Reptoids have cross bred/shape shifted with Humans so that they appear human.

      Please stop their agenda and tell the truth! They’ll kill us all sooner or later!! THIS MAY BE FUN FOR YOU BUT ITS REAL LIFE OR DEATH!

      – Lloyd

    • David Toma Jr.

      What’s happening Dale!

      UFO’s and alternative sources of energy are two topics that you will find go hand in hand. The UFO could be bringing attention to the alternative sources of energy you provide. And it is true – UFO’s are not known for their clumsiness. Perhaps, this UFO was fashioning the windmill into the shape or image of itself. That would be trippy. You have to admit, in the photos that were provided, the damaged windmill carries with it a sort of bizarre personality. The descriptions from neighbors included testimonies of a sphere with tentacles reaching towards the ground. Let us not forget this, when considering such a fanciful premise.
      The cost of rebuilding the windmill, which I am sure is beyond my ability to conceive of, might be outweighed by the attention your business is getting these days. It definitely deserves it. The international buzz this story is creating throughout the planet might very well have been within the design and control of an intelligently guided craft, such things are not outside the realm of possibilities. It might seem farfetched, but then again, so is a massive windmill being destroyed by a falling block of ice from a passing plane, happening on the same night as a backyard fireworks display is mistaken for a large tentacled UFO. So far, it seems like we might have to stretch our sense of possibilities to grasp this one.

      This story is massive and capturing the interest of people of all ages throughout. So I hope you’re not getting tired of the speculation. At least its honest and sincere. These are qualities you seem to hold dear, from the reputation that precedes you. Have a good night, and you can rest easy knowing that this set of circumstances, at least, we know will never happen to you “again”.

    • peta ward

      he he… nice one Dale! (Radio 4 Today)

    • Jeffrey Lam

      Where was the fallen blade broken (right at end, mid-way)? Have you (or anyone) got any good photos of the fallen blade?
      Ditto the other damaged blade.

      Funny comment about the cows. Having just read George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” over the weekend, perhaps it was pigs. Maybe they wanted the renewable technology, or they just wanted to sabotage human structures.

    • Matt

      The fallen blade must have been broken at the end (in Dale’s post it says it was recovered whole).

    • Will

      Have you ruled out sabotage yet?
      Could the Barbour jacket wearing, weekend farmer, anti-wind protesters have become militant direct action fanatics.

    • Xena

      I think the 8th of January every year from now on should be called “UFO turbine day” and should be a national holiday!!


    • Jeffrey Lam

      My question came out wrong. What I mean is where is the break? Was the hub broken? Was the connector broken? Was it something between the connector and hub (the bolts)? Is the fallen blade itself actually damaged? (Apart from having the connector cut off)

    • Phil

      “Reptoids have cross bred/shape shifted with Humans so that they appear human”.

      Removing any need for the conspiracy industry to provide actual evidence, which is nice for them.

      I have a more credible theory, which is that the seemingly no longer in fashion Greys have cross-bred with squirrels. Grey squirrels. There’s a clue in the name! I can’t show any proof for this, obviously, as they look and act just like regular squirrels, but it’s mammal to mammal, so much less improbable than the previous suggestion. I’ll quite happily go on a speaking tour or write a book about this if it’ll help? The truth is out there and it’s hoarding nuts.

      Meanwhile, back on Earth, and assuming Occam has been hacking at your turbine with his razor, presumably material or maintenance failure are the most likely culprits? Whilst the actual failure is a concern, does it fall under the “no such thing as bad publicity” category? I know you’d rather it hadn’t happened, but it has certainly give Ecotricity much more mainstream coverage than it might otherwise have received, even if said coverage was initially rather silly (UFOs). Clouds, silver linings and all that. Nice to see you retaining a sense of humour throughout the incident!

    • Robert

      Could the fact that wind farms being prone to lightening strikes and being a major downside expense to wind energy be the a possible cause for cover up? One can control design, but not many can control natural incidents. Proper bonding and grounding maintenance is expensive and not guaranteed. But until all of the examination is complete one should not rule out the possibility. Could my theories make potential investors nervous? I do agree with the list of stated possibilities, however I would consider mechanical failure my second choice of cause of failure or even a combination of the two (mechanical in its’ preliminary stages and plasma heat from the “Ball Lightening” amplifying failure progression. The heat from the untraceable plasma would explain the direction of the bend of the blade that was still attached. However I would like to see a definitive explanation regarding the damage to the blade that was still attached. I can’t prove that possibility due to blade direction of rotation. Remember, not all types of lighting will leave a trace (maybe ionization), but can create the heat necessary to cause the kind of damage I mentioned in the earlier blog… (for the sake of the new bloggers here). I have enjoyed these amusing blogs. I just hope the conclusions are based wholly on fact and not some other corporate political agenda input as this would damage the integrity of the wind farm market.

    • CharlieO

      This incident created a surge in interest in wind turbines and ecotricity around the world! I hope this in some way compensates for the no doubt high expense of having to replace the three blades.

    • Matt

      Reptoids?! Last time i checked this blog was for intelligent debate…Or have i been missing the point all along?

    • Sam

      LOL @Lloyd

    • zap

      Hehe – well, that’s a blast from the past! David Icke! That brings back memories of blue shellsuits..!

      I think that it is more likely that Ickites would be in support of the alien turbine wreckers, as they believe that ‘Man-made’ Climate Change is part of the ‘reptilian conspiracy’ 🙂

    • Steve

      Just looking at the photo of the turbine on the floor and the level of damage it sustained could only point to a collision!
      Temporarily ruling out UFO’s, and going on an MOD explanation of the new Taranis aircraft, due to the lack of debris around the site would point to them using a newly discovered material that could withstand that kind of collision!
      Now correct me if i’m wrong, but that would directly imply that we are paying our taxes for our military to withold new technologies for their own warmongering benefit, instead of the benefit of mankind. Imagine if ALL aircraft were made out of that stuff, there would be no air crashes? or for example, the fuel tanks of the 9/11 aircraft made out of that stuff? they wouldn’t have exploded, thus those buildings wouldn’t have come down?
      So to summarise, we are paying our taxes for the worlds militaries to allow terrorists to do their job properly!

    • Sam


      perhaps that’s exactly what the MOD wants! more successful terrorism calls for more military action,


    • Matt

      Im slightly sceptical about the collision theory. As Steve said their is a large amount of damage but consider the blades are a carbon fibre composite and hollow, falling from a height of 100ft or whatever I imagine it would sustain a large amount of damage…

    • James

      There we have it, look foward to the test results!

      Stuart, has anybody asked these guys for a statement?


    • Robert

      Seems some of you are catching on. Seriously, there seems to be some lack of research on the theory of a UAV construction and ability/purpose. My theory still stands against this mostly for the same reasons it would not have been an alien UFO. Plasma, plasma, plasma…gotta be. Sorry for any disappointment for you alien hopefuls. Mechanical/material failure possible as previously explained. Blade collision with another not it either. Ball lightening is it.

    • Isca

      Admit it, you all know it was the flying cow really. It’s a big bovine coverup conspiracy.

    • Damon Hart-Davis

      There’s certainly bovine ‘output’ all over the place! B^>



    • andy

      Dale, only two possible explanations in my mind – ball lightening, or a chunk of ice falling from a passing airliner. Known to happen, this would have the forward motion and velocity to cause such damage. On impact the ice would shatter and melt with the lower temperature leaving no evidence.

    • Robert

      @ Dale

      How about posting some close-up photos of the damaged componants and maybe a progess report of present findings.

    • Shol'va

      For me, the flying cow hypothesis is the most credible one. Remember: Cows are better organised as we think.

    • peta ward

      @ Robert

      Why are you so determined to cover up the UAV possibility? You don’t know anything about what the MOD has up it’s sleeve, yet lightning strikes to windfarms is well documented… it hardly ever happens to cause damage, simple as that. Wind Turbines are fecking great lighning conductors. If it does strike, there will be obvious evedence, in the form of scortching. However, your magic ball lightening does all that damage at crazy temperatures, and leaves no trace… wow. Bollocks lightening is closer to the truth. You are part of the cover up.

      @ Steve… good grief! How can you compare a direct full frontal hit of a domestic airliner into a concrete and steel building, with a glancing blow to a glass fibre wind turbine blade by a flying tank.

      Also Steve, in the nicest possible way, you must surely be the only person left in the world who believes that Jet Fuel was responsible for demolishing three buildings in New York… roflmao.


      I still guess that the turbine just broke, I like the idea that ice expansion caused soemthing to break.

    • Steve

      Peta, I have known for several years that 9/11 was no terrorist act. Just watching Zeitgeist:the movie re-affirmed what I already know in such startling clarity many more people should watch it… I was just talking in a more generalized term so as not to offend the people who still believe the whitewash commissions report. Peta, alot of people still believe the official report and not a thing in the world would change that unless ‘halliburton cheney’ admits to it on his deathbed.
      I won’t go into the properties of a one ton moving blade versus a stationary section of metal on a flying object.

    • Ma

      I’m not going for the lightening angle, i would have thought there would be evidence of burning etc.

      @ Peta Ward-Im liking the New York reference, im with you on that!

    • peta ward

      @ steve LoL… okay. Couple of things, the UAV weighs 8 tonnes, is almost certainly not made out of metal, and is designed for battle not recon. It is not one of those half arsed drones ‘as seen on TV’ in Pakistan / Afghanistan. Also according to an one ecotricity source here, it is not certain that the turbine was actually moving at the time of the break… Here’s another bonkers thought, how about the stealth UAV broke the sound barrier right over the top of the wind farm, feet away from the broken turbine, didn’t even touch it physically. It’s a long shot, but I remember super sonic jets causing damage at the Biggin Hill airshow in the 1960s, breaking windows and greenhouses! Noise was reported in Lincolnshire, which is why locals woke up and looked out at the wind farm. Maybe the strange lights were anti-AA missile flares released automatically by the UAV to counter the peceived threat of the in coming turbine blade? No need for chaff as there would be no radar lock on the UAV, a spray of flares at low altitude could well look like tenticles decending from the sky to the ground. Remember, UAV designed for autonimous intercontinental battle, it is the stuff of science fiction.

      If it did clip the blade, and sustained some damage, stealth by necessity being essentailly a completely non aerodynamic shape, requiring computers to control stable flight by constant adjustments to flight surfaces, the computer accomondated the damage and the plane got back to base. As mentioned before the lights seen in the wee hours could have been a MoD clean up team, picking up any bits that may have been knocked off. The lights are not explaind by a fireworks display, given that it was 4am, it is illegal to have a fireworks display after 12 midnight, and the party was for a 70 year old… all smoke and mirrors.

    • Robert

      First, 911 was a terrorist attack by Bin Laden, as he acknowledged himself as the mastermind behind the attack, making that enough evidence to the world that America was attacked by an enemy of foreign entity. Second, the affect of a shock wave is directly proportional to the size of the mass that created the compression wave, not its’ weight. In the case of any UAVs that I’ve seen, if I were to concede to such speed potential, the affect of the wave would hardly be felt. Furthermore if a craft were large enough to create a shock wave enough to do damage like the turbine, in a wind field, more than one would certainly be damaged as well. I am certain one can rule UAVs/UFOs and shockwaves out of the picture. I must reemphasize that it would be more plausible for a ball of plasma much like the same thing as a free floating Tesla coil to haphazardly follow a path on a collision coarse with the turbine. The damage would then be possible to induce without a significant trace, just like a plasma cutter cutting thick steel plates and not, I repeat, not leaving any significant trace or burn marks. Eye witness accounts described what must have been “Ball Lightning” and if and when the actual results are released, and if not covered up, everybody will finally know that the culprit was in fact the natural phenomena I have presented.

    • peta ward

      @ Robert. You win. Bin Ladin confessed. It was Ball lightening, and building seven at the World Trade Centre collapsed due to burning jet fuel, same goes for WTC1 and WTC2. If one believes that, then ball lightening, UFOs (as in flying saucers), spaghetti monsters, gymnastic cows committing suicide are all up for grabs.

      I have to say though with all due respect, what you describe as “certain” is hardly objective, and your assumption that if the evidence is not revealed to support your hypothesis, there is a cover up is, frankly bordering on the hilarious.

      For me any convincing explanation supported by the material evidence will be most interesting, and also I expect to be pretty mundane. If you think about it, it would be much more useful to be able to blame ball lightening than for the manufacturer to admit poor maintenance. Or blame ball lightening rather than blame an experimental UAV.

      Having looked at the pictures of the wind farm you could get a tornado (as in storm) between the turbines and only affect one.

      As a matter of interest, we’ve had 160km winds here and lots of lightning. The wind park up on the mountain outside my window is still standing, well last time there was a break in the clouds it was.

    • Steve

      I would like to point out that on three occasions right after 9/11 Bin Laden denied any involvement of 9/11 (pretty strange if you want to be a martyr) and if you have actually seen his ‘confession video’ rather than take totally bias media’s word for it, with a few actual photographs of Bin Laden, then you will see the guy in the video is not actually Bin Laden.. Do the research for yourself. Or even better, watch Zeitgeist:the movie.

    • Robert

      @Peta and Steve
      RLOL…After having looked at and seeing the same thing you have probably seen, I have addressed and given sufficient argument to not only address and disprove the varying theories flying about, but have thoroughly explained how ball lightning was the cause without going into the intricacies of scientific explanation for the layman reader. What’s more I have already indicated that we must wait until the data is released which I’m sure will satisfy the skepticisms of what I have merely pointed out. Additionally, I know when a debate is stuck in close loop. Let’s keep our eye on the ball here, and keep to the topic of the wind farm as well.

    • peta ward

      Robert, you have done no such thing. You have spouted pseudo science. Made unsubstanciated statements containing the word ‘definately’. You have taken no heed of the information provided by witnesses to the damaged turbine. You have completely contradicted yourself from one post to another. You pretend to have more knowledge than you are willing to share with the layperson, classic! Finally you seal the deal by categorically stating your belief in the official verson of 9/11, when anyone with your claimed ‘scientific’ in depth knowledge would be asking big questions at the very least. In fact even a layperson can understand the evidence for 9/11 being a controlled demolition, but you apparently can’t. Go on, tell us it was ball lightening that cut through steel girders and not thermite. How can you expect to be taken seriously? Then maybe you don’t, everyone else here seems to be chatting tongue in cheek, me included. So keeping my eye on the ball, I don’t think you have disproved anything other than a flying cow. You appear to have an obsession with ball lightening, thats okay, it’s allowed LoL fond regards.

      HEY! Ecotricity, haven’t the Germans finished looking at the blades? Whats the result, come on this story needs stimulating with some facts 9¬)

    • paul

      Hello all,

      As much as we all love a good conspiracy theory – can we please focus our passion and energy on something more constructive – like maybe saving the the human race from itself…?

      There are plenty of other UFO and 9/11 conspiracy sites to get into arguments with people who have a different view of the ‘facts’…

      Speaking of facts – as soon as we hear something back from Enercon – we *will* let you all know.

    • Sam

      My money is on REF sabotage, those two-faced *generic expletive*.


    • peta ward

      @ Paul…

      you make a fair point, but to be honest tapping out a couple of paragraphs does not distract me (or anyone else I am sure) from helping to save the world… part of that world saving includes the natural flow of the exchange of ideas, and the enjoyment of good humoured debate.

    • peta ward

      @ sam

      sorry to be thick but what is REF?

    • Robert

      Nice point Paul, although Peta has a good point as well. I’m also sure this bantering has provided some entertainment. However I am in favor of waiting on the report to substantiate my previous testimonies.

    • Steve

      Good point Paul, although I am interested in what Enercon has to say and it’s been a while now. One good point to mention on conspiracy theories is that at least there will be less chance of the NSA ram-raiding or sweet talking Enercon’s investigations into this event, like they do with every other ‘non-terrestrial’ contact, as Enercon has been jilted in the past on lucrative contracts due to to the nefarius Echelon wire tapping system..

    • paul

      Ahh – didn’t want to sound harsh – it’s just that this was a bit of light-hearted space squid fun at first, but if people are going to get embroiled in intergalactic flame wars – it isn’t as fun.

      We don’t censor comments or close threads if we can help it – so it was just a gentle reminder of the blog policy.

      “speak your mind by all means but please do so with a regard for the feelings of others.”

    • joely

      so what realy happpend?
      do you have the results?
      do you know what happend?
      and what about the lights in the sky?

    • peta ward

      hey Joely… good questions =8¬)

      Given that flying objects are pretty unlikely, MoD or otherwise. Given that there were lights in the sky, which don’t synch in with the firework party, it would seem that the lights in the sky were either ball lightning as Robert presents… or there were no lights in the sky and the thing just broke. I don’t suppose that the lights could have been a discharge of energy from the turbine itself as it broke?

      Lights or otherwise, we’re all in the dark. In good humour. 😉

    • Jeffrey Lam

      Hey I’ve got a new theory
      The MoD were flying a UAV in the area, a nearby UFO (initially attracted by the firework display) decided to use it as target practice, and fired ball lightning at it. One of the balls hit the ground where a cow happened to be (don’t know why it’s out at night), the cow was thrown up into the air and collided with the turbine blade, which then came off and hit the other one.
      That will explain why the ball lightning didn’t show any trace on the blades.

    • Jenny Randles

      Have been following this debate with interest.

      Can I ask where the evidence is for the lights seen at 4 am discussed above?

      Having investigated the ‘UFO’ sightings I have been able to trace I found none later than almost 6 hours before the blade fell and so none swith any direct connection at all to indicate even suggestions of a collision.

      Am I missing something important?

      The sightings I have pursued all seem to have credible prosaic explanations – from venus to a sundog when you look into them. As a UFO investigator I can tell you that unsolved cases are actually rare (2 or 3 in a hundred I would estimate) and hardly ever offer what a scientist would consider probative evidence of alien technology. More often they point at what we call UAP – unidentified atmospheric phenomena, things on the fringes of physical science not extraterrestrial invasions.

      Frankly, the media stories alleging that UFO enthusiasts believe a spaceship struck the turbine are complete nonsense. I do not actually know any fellow UFO researcher who thinks that. The prevailing view is that none of the sightings have any relevance to the wind farm incident itself and are coincidence that have been circumstantially correlated mostly through subsequent media intervention.

      We are happy to leave it to the experts as to why the turbine itself failed and would not be amazed if some mechanical cause is thought most probable.

      I saw the connection with Donna Nook from the start as we have had numerous sightings from this area over the past 20 years that were usually traceable to MoD activity.

      Moreover, there was an incident about 9 years ago when what we suspect to be a rogue UAV struck a telecommunications mast on Snaefell, Isle of Man in a not dissimilar incident – although that was not in the middle of the night so was witnessed.

      And I have personally investigated another case of an out of control drone that created UFO sightings near the base at Lakenheath.

      So that option will always be there if it turns out that something physically has struck the blade….although my reading of the evidence suggests there is no obvious proof of that, as yet.

      Just wanted to try to put this into some perspective from the UFO research community which, contrary to what you might get told by ludicrous press hype, is not flapping about or seeing little green men behind this case.

    • peta ward

      Nice one Jenny, good to hear from the experts.

      Just for your information, I saw an interview from a local who claimed to be woken at around 4am looked out of the window and saw ‘lights’ around, near, or at the wind farm.

      It is satisfying to note that MoD UAVs have been known to get up to mischief in the past!

      No doubt the truth will out soon enough, unless of course the report gets gagged my the MoD. LoL

    • UFO Sightings

      Hi Dale,

      We are all waiting in anticipation of the outcome of the investigation being conducted in Germany. I heard a rumor that news would be forthcoming by the end of this week (w/e 6th Feb) are you in a position to let the world know what really happened here?

    • Jenny Randles

      Peta, can you recall the name of the witness who saw something during the early hours close to when the blade fell?

      I have tried hard since my last post to find such a witness and the latest person saw saw anything at all that I can trace was still an hour before midnight. The blade fell around 4 am.

      If someone really did see something coincident with the fall it does change everything, but no on record statement I can find from anywhere else matches this crucial tie in.

      So any clues that you can recall as to the identity of this person would be appreciated.

      Looking forward to the report on the analysis now due next week, I gather.

      Jenny Randles

    • peta ward

      Hello Jenny, Fair question, and you made me doubt my own memory for a moment, how ever the person’s name is Kirsty Snelling (I think, might be Selling) this sensible looking young woman was interviewed on Channel Four News, I quote “Kirsty Snelling was just one of several locals woken at 4am by strange lights” , this did not come from her own lips… how ever the octopus description did. Could be creative journalism perhaps. See for yourself.

      Along with everyone, looking forward to the forensic science results.

    • Jenny Randles

      Thanks for the link.

      I have traced the witness. The Channel 4 report was seemingly misleading in that she did not observe the octopus – which, as I thought, was indeed earlier that night.

      But she did see a single pinkish light and I am pursuing this further to find out precisely when.

    • Robert

      This is like armchair troubleshooting a car with a cracked flywheel…WOW! Where’s the beef? Poor cows…awe.

    • James

      Any Updates


    • Xena

      I wonder – how does anyone know what time the blade fell? Sure, a loud crash would cover it, but it seemed so many strange things may or may not have happened that night….

    • Delta

      Silly Poms will believe anything !! It was a flying pig…..

    • quark

      so everybodys given up on this now have they?
      what happened to the other tests that were meant to be done ?the bolts were ok ,just that they were put under extreme loads which caused them to fail.if this is the case and they use the same bolts on all there turbines then we would have blades falling off all over the place would we not!!!

    • peta ward

      Yes it has been a while now, did ball lightening cause the flange to fail… seems like the top option given lack of any other evedence =8¬)

    • Robert

      Ho Hum….

    • peta ward

      Hey Robert! Be happy your theory is the last one standing. affectionately yours peta

    • spooky Conspiracy

      so why did they not let any one in the crash site for 0ne week?
      and the lights?
      its all a conspiracy…..

    • Big Al

      Before we get the final official report,
      1/ I would have thought that each Turbine would have had its own “Black Box” type monitor giving, Power output Rev counter, Windspeed/Direction indicator, and Clock. This would have given time of failure operating speed.
      According to the Met Office, the weather in early Jan. 1st – 10th. was High Pressure over all of England, with little to no wind. with Frost and early Fog.

      2/ As anybody seen or photo’d the fallen blade?.
      If the blades had collided wouldn’t they have both shown signs of damage and were is the fallen blade now/, is it still on site.

    • Robert

      Thanks Peta…I still can’t prove anything until these guys can give us some sort of findings report with the evidence. The good thing is that no one was reported abducted or missing in the vicinity. The story certainly has peeked our curiosities.

    • Jeffrey Lam

      hee hee… I suppose aliens/UAV/ball lightning/flying cow/flying octopus/fireworks could have distracted the QC person when he/she should have been checking the faulty blade adaptor 🙂

    • Robert

      I’ll just wait on the report. I presume inpections will now have to be done on the whole farm.

    • Robert

      Thanks Dale, I understand.

    • sandy

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      good minds create great changes.
      Sandy La Grange.

    • Robert

      Say Dale, how are things going with that report? Surely you got the sign-off by now.

    • Robert

      Say what’s the situation on that report?

    • Robert

      Did you mean days, weeks or months?

    • peta ward

      Nice one Robert, keep up the pressure, we’re all still as interested as we were before. =8¬)

    • Robert

      Peta Word: March 17,2009, Dale stated that “the report would be published in a few days” and I think this has far exceeded that ambiguous timeframe. Patience is my virtue, however, is this report actually going to be published with a paticular dead-line date or is there something else going on? I am sure that others are still waiting and paying attention. I believe the time has past for the rest of us to see the “full” report and findings on this insident. Please see that Dale knows this. Thank you.

    • Robert

      Dale, do you intend on keeping your word or what?

    • Steve

      I must agree, it has all gone a little quiet while they were trying to find out what caused the bolts to shear off.. We are all still waiting, but indeed my sources tell me that there is more to this than they want us to believe. Although it seems quite ironic that the image depicted of ecotricity is of a ‘cuban revolutionary’ one, in the name of truth and justice, in actual fact working with special interest groups to supress information is in my view, not revolutionary at all…

    • Robert

      I wonder if Dale intends to even update us on why such a huge delay. Is there a concern on Dale’s part, that any further analyisis might reveal somthing not intended to be revieled to the public? Something tells me the UFO story was just an attention getter that may be backfiring.

    • peta ward

      I think you’re right Robert, someone is having a laugh with us. One can only assume that all turbines of this kind maybe dangerous, hence them keeping stoom. Probably at the behest of the maufacturer.

      If there is a vacum it gets filled.

    • Robert

      Peta, I think the longer this is prolonged, this may raise more questions with a broader public. I sure would hate to see a good thing go bad with any intinty or individual by attempting to cover something up. If there is a problem then honesty is a precourser to integrity, and solutions will follow. For anyone, if an intinty or individual lacks integrity then it would be another’s responsibility to expose them. I hope none of this applies in this case.

    • Robert

      Peta, I think the longer this is prolonged, this may raise more questions with a broader public. I sure would hate to see a good thing go bad with any intinty or individual by attempting to cover something up. If there is a problem then honesty is a precurser to integrity, and solutions will follow. For anyone, if an intinty or individual lacks integrity then it would be another’s responsibility to expose them. I hope none of this applies in this case.

    • Robert

      Oops, I didn’t mean to do that. Oh well no bodys’ perfect.

    • paul

      Hiya Folks,

      It’s fair to say that it is taking much longer to get a final report than we expected.

      No cover-up at all (but I would say that wouldn’t I 😉 ) – it’s just the HSE taking longer to sign off the report than we were first told, due to unforeseen (and as far as we know, terrestrial) circumstances.

      The blade from the damaged turbine is now at the Ecotech Centre though – for those who are interested.

      Let me assure you again, that as soon as we get the report, Dale or I will post details.


    • Steve

      I don’t understand.. Nearly 10 weeks ago (June 22nd) Dale was in the belief that HSE had signed off the report already, yet now they haven’t signed it off at all?? It doesn’t surprise me that it would take nearly half a year for HSE to sign anything off, they couldn’t sign their own signature without getting an outside opinion, and probably one of the main reasons why Britain is still years behind everybody else, but it does make me wonder how Dale and Robert have been given two sets of conflicting information, and then failed to update their interested parties..Sounds like something British Gas would do.. 🙁

    • Robert

      I wonder if the eye witness, Dorothy Willows, will feel insulted by the report (if one ever will exist); if it tries to deny the fact that she saw anything at all purportedly hitting the wind generator. I can hear it now “Oh so sorry Mrs. Willows, but you never saw what you saw because it was actually a rusty old bolt that caused the blade to shear off. There’s no such thing as Ball Lightening or UFOs either. You’re just a senile old woman.” Why is this report such a difficult thing to produce since apparently all the testing must be complete in order to say that a report is on the way? After spending over a decade in R&D, I know that if it took me this long to produce a report on the results of the data extrapolated, and the stuff I’ve done was much more complex, the VIPs would have wonder if I was trying to hide something and probably turn the project over to another engineer and send me on my way.

        • TR

          …No-one saw anything hit the turbine. Even the melodramatic “journalism” around nowadays didn’t claim that.

          I think the things she did see were revealed to be just fireworks.

    • peta ward

      good post Robert… does seem like a cover up. What other possible explanation can there be?

        • DaveAngel

          What other explanation could there be?!?!? Other than flying saucers?!?!? The suggestion it could be a bolt failure is just insane! How unlikely is that … do these people think we’re morons????

            • TR

              Are you sure we can discount flying cows? I’ve always thought there was something shifty about them 🙂

                • Xena

                  I have to agree about the cows…

    • Robert

      Paul, rather than responding on such infrequent occasions, I suggest a bi-weekly progress confirmation address to this blog to appease our audience. This way, we can at least know that this issue is still somewhere on ecotricitie’s agenda of concerns. I believe more than enough time has been allotted for examination of the findings, and by now should have been made publicly available to access. Thanks.

        • Robert

          Interesting thoughts for the day…1)where is the government safety inquisition on this potentially safety issue? 2)Think someone want’s this to be a dead story to avoid an investigation? 3)Still no response.4)What do the rest of you think?

            • peta ward

              Hey Robert. 1) gooid question, for such a high profile case. 2) Obviously they think we are morons. 3) I think that Radio 4 today programme would get a response, seeing as I am actually a paid up member of the NUJ, I guess I had better start behaving like one, find out what they know. 4) Someone who can’t be ignored needs to ask the questions .

              It is a pity, seems that this story has be hoisted by it’s own petard. It basked in the humourous publicity, gloried in the national TV, Press and Radio coverage…. and now they just want us to go away and shut up.

        • paul

          Guys – I refer you to Dale’s recent comment.

          Trolling will not get you what you want (whatever that may be), so please stop that line of persuasion now.


            • Xena

              I was getting a bit sick of reading the same old comments to be honest.
              Why do people have to be so cynical, and always see the worst in everything.
              Robert and Peta, you know most of the time there are perfectly valid reasons for delays like this, and your threats and accusations are deliberately designed to scare… and why should Ecotricity feel forced into anything by your tactics, when they are clearly being honest in saying that they simply don’t have the information to give you just yet?
              Hopefully, as Paul requests, you will just give up on this now and wait patiently and trustingly like the rest of us.

                • Robert

                  Only time will tell.

                • Robert

                  If I start feel queesy doing something, I will stop doing it. You should try it, it might make you feel better.

                    • Xena

                      Ah, a well thought out comment Robert… thank you!!!

    • peta "four legs good" ward

      Who the heck in threatening anyone? I am certainly not, I have an obligation to tell you I am a hack. It was just casual personal interest (I have a wind farm out side my living room window), now I am getting professionally interested.

      I find extraordinary that a couple of posts from people you don’t know (well maybe you know Robert, I have no idea), give you such heebijeebies. Back at the beginning of this ‘blog’ , I was given a bollocking for disagreeing with Robert. Now we agree, we are being depicted as organised trolls. I just get a notification when there is a new post, he doesn’t ring me up or anything.
      Robert put forward the most scientifically considered theories, he wants to compare his analysis with the hands on version, what is so wrong about that?

      Also, as you very well know, HSE report about a wind turbine unexpectedly experiencing a catastrophic failure is of interest. Windfarms are top of the news.

      Now lets pretend that this was written by British Nulcear Fuels after a leak “… why should BNFL feel forced into anything by your tactics, when they we are clearly being honest in saying that they simply don’t have the information to give you just yet? Hopefully, as BNFL requests, you will just give up on this now and wait patiently and trustingly like the rest of us.” sounds pretty dodgy, and horribly familiar doesn’t it? Well there will be plenty more where that came from, seems like nuclear power wins (I assume you keep up with the news).

      To keep nagging for information and or change is the only way to get anywhere, I would have thought the greens would have sussed that out by now. If a couple of posts on an obscure blog to remind ecotricy that we are still waiting for information (which is without question in the public interest), why do you find that so annoying?

      If Ecotricy is being stalled by the HSE, who should we direct our requests for information to?

      I think it is sad that ecotricty revelled in the UFO publicity, but now can’t cope with the stragglers that want to hear the true end of the story.

      Thank you for your help.

        • Xena

          Peta – I’m afraid this comment that you made previously does sound like a threat

          “I think that Radio 4 today programme would get a response, seeing as I am actually a paid up member of the NUJ, I guess I had better start behaving like one, find out what they know.”

          I don’t think anyone is depicting you as organised trolls, but your relentless hounding starting to get tiresome. Though, as a hack, that’s probably the only way you know how to get information.

          As I mentioned earlier, what harm could it do to just wait patiently? As I am, and as other people are no doubt doing.

          And don’t try to turn my comment around Peta. It’s a terrible thing to try and implicate a random member of the public as being involved with BNFL or related organisations. I can assure you I’m not involved with anything of the sort. And no, I don’t keep up with the news, I find it scary and depressing to see what sort of vile world we live in.

        • paul

          It’s the way you started ‘reminding’ Peta – that wasn’t just nagging.

          I can understand your frustration up to a point, as I share it. But we have done all we can, including doing a bit of nagging ourselves. Now we are waiting patiently for further info. It is frustrating, but there are other important things to be working on.

          I will get back to you on “who should we direct our requests for information to?” though.


    • Steve

      Hackzine or Daily/local, Peta? Seriously tho guys, although it’s not quite trolling, but being irate about waiting for information helps nobody, I thought we were all hippies or star lovers here.. I’m not surprised by HSE at all, that’s why Britain is still in the dark ages and/or a fairly watertight story has to be thought about carefully, and oh it just so happens that a recent sign off on nuclear energy will satisfy our energy needs until the next forseeable war, hint hint 😉 Although I admit I do believe in little green men & secret government projects, Windturbines have fallen under the category of ladders in my book of superstition, because, it’s only going to be either one of them..I now have a particular path I walk with my dog 🙂 Peta, have you been down to the Ecotech centre to see if you can view the turbine yet? Salut!