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14 responses to “Captains Blog – January 29th”

    • Sam

      Sea Shepherd are amazing 😀

      If only there were more people out there with as much conviction and audacity!

    • Jeffrey Lam

      I have a lot of thoughts on this subject, but I’ll just start with this:
      I didn’t think there was anything we could do to stop them, other than following them around and monitoring what they do. But it does appear that Sea Shepherd have found a way. Well done Sea Shepherd!
      One question: why are the Japanese ships fleeing? Sea Shepherd are only following them aren’t they? They are not trying to ram or board them are they?

    • Matt

      Hey Dale

      I love Sea Sheperd! Done a couple of volunteer events for them, fantastic organisation!


    • Justin Noe

      This is a fantastic cause but I do worry about the reasons why “Japanese Coast Guard officers threw concussion grenades and fired shots” at Captain Paul Watson. Was this completely unprovoked? What led to such a lethal response?
      I realise it’s a difficult situation and frustration can lead to dramatic confrontations but how can the Japanese Coastguard justify shooting civilians? This is either a criminal act or self defense.
      I hope the Sea Shepherd is bringing this noble cause to world’s attention through legal and honorable methods.

    • Chris

      Maybe we should strike a deal with the Japanese! We’ll stop eating our way through dwindling stocks of Cod, and they can stop eating their way through the endangered whales.

    • James

      I’ve never even tasted whale…

    • Matt

      Ironically James nor has most of Japan. Whale meat is served up in high class restaurants. Its kinda like shark fin soup.

    • James

      I’ve never even tasted sharks fin…

      ..I think what sea sheapard are doing is really good, it all must be leagal and ‘above board’ (hehe!)

      But Dale, why Sea Shepherd?

    • Matt

      @ James

      Nor have i, what i was trying to say its is along the same sorts of lines.

      I presume it’s because Dale is a big picture environmentalist. Like Captain Watson himself said “everything on this planet is connected intimately with everything else and whereas winds are the currents of the atmospheric ocean, there is the ocean itself, the sustainer of all life on Earth and it is imperative that we protect aquatic eco-systems from the assault of humanity”

      Its not just the whales that Sea Sheperd protect. They fight the illegal seal slaughter on the west coast of Canada, illegal shark fining and over fishing because if fish disappear from the sea, it could have dire consequences for all of humanity – a lifeless ocean would soon lead to a lifeless planet.


    • Sam

      @ Jeffrey,

      assuming sea shepherd do catch up, that is exactly what they’ll do; ram them, harass them (throw stink bombs etc).

      since the japanese are whaling in international waters (and are doing it illegally) Sea Shepherd are technically ‘Policing’ this area

      the whalers know this and dont like to hang around, there is a list on the sea shepherd website of all the ships they have rammed and sunk. (all legally)

    • Jeffrey Lam

      Thanks Sam

      it all becomes clear now. I guess the harpoon ship that was forced to Indonesia for repairs is one that sea shepherd did catch up with?

      I’m not familiar with international waters law, but if Sea Shepherd are complying with it then fine. I just hope no-one is being endangered by this action, but then if the Japanese Coast Guard are attacking Sea Shepherd’s crew then it is an unfulfilled hope. While the actions of both whalers and coast guards are unacceptable, I don’t think human lives should be lost over this.

      Having said that, if the threat of Sea Shepherd ramming the boats is always there, but Sea Shepherd never catch them, only forcing them to flee instead of whale, and eventually “sinking them economically” then I personally have no problems with this.

    • Matt

      The Sea Shepherd website has loads of videos of them engaging whaling vessels, they throw bottles of butric acid (which is basically rotten butter) which smells foul and also stains so all the whale meat that has been processed is ruined and un sellable, it prevents them bringing more whales onboard because again the meat will be ruined. The whalers have to clean the decks before then can resuming whaling but Sea Shepherd also use a lolution that makes the deck extremely slippery when it is mixed with water so cleaning the deck only exacerbates the problem.

    • Jeremy

      I surfed their site and I think their work is admirable.

    • Keith Bevan

      Well done Sea Shepherd crew. You are doing a great job saving our marine friends. I was in Brighton with my wife and family when they voted to stop the ‘bloody’ whaling. I met some of the Scottish Sea Shepherd supporters there (lost contact with them some years ago).