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7 responses to “A Very Tense Day of Saving Whales”

    • James

      All i can say is….Wow…

      You guys are hard!

      It sounds like somthing you would see in a Blockbuester action film!

      Keep it up!

    • Matt

      Possibly the best thing i have ever read. I want to go out on campaign with these guys.

      Go Sea Shepherd!

    • Jonny Holt

      For possibly the most apposite comment on this confrontation, see

      The words of Shigeki Takaya of the Japanese fisheries ministry, “It is an act of violence and it is unforgiveable” are entirely correct – except in one important detail.

      The unforgiveable violence is being committed by the whalers against the whales.

      It is also arguable that the reported use of LRAD by the whalers against non-military personnel is in contravention of international agreements on the limits to use of such weapons. As far as I know, there are no such sanctions against the use of butyric acid.

      Keep at it Sea Shepherd!

    • Will

      UK government needs to put more pressure on Japan to stop this ridiculous practice.
      The Japanese just don’t seem to understand the fragile state of ocean ecosystems at the moment, particularly in the polar regions. The threat of sudden mass extinctions, due to the rippling impacts of climate change and ocean acidification, is very real.
      Also, their use of the word “scientific” to disguise their commercial whaling programme is a disgrace and makes a mockery of the science establishment in Japan and I think more Japanese scientists should be speaking out about this fraud.
      Dale, I’m glad you raised this issue for the British public to see.

    • Chris

      Christ! Are you lot insured? No, didn’t think so!! I think Wills post touches on something very important. Surely this battle won’t end until sea shepherd go ‘land shepherd’. To appeal directly to the Japanese public, and diminish the demand from the market.

    • Jeremy

      Just one question.

      Who is supplying this LRAD weapon? And is the use of this weapon on people against international law?

    • Xena

      Sounds like some seriously scary stuff going on out there… but worthwhile if it saves some whales