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7 responses to “It wasn’t ET ‘wat done it’”

    • Xena

      So, now that UFO’s and MI5 craft have been ruled out, what are we going to talk about?

    • UFO Sightings

      Thanks for the update Dale – it would appear that the reality of the cause as you point out, is almost always far more mundane than we would like it to be!

    • Kal El

      Hi guys,
      Interesting that the bolts are NOT THE CAUSE of the blade being dislodged.So what would cause the bolts to fail might i ask other than some sort of collision??

      The truth is out there!

    • Chris

      Dammit, I much prefer the little green man story over this ring of bolts thing. <:( And I can’t imagine the Sun will follow this up with a front page story on the wonders of faulty bolts!!

    • Jeffrey Lam

      fatigue failure is when a component is repeatedly loaded, eventually causing rupture of the component. The failure is not caused by a single load, but when the load is repeated enough times, it breaks. That rules out collision, unless said object collided at least several, perhaps thousands of, times.
      I don’t know how ENERCON came to the judgement that bolt fatigue is ‘effect’ rather than ’cause’, but if that is the case, it sounds like something else broke first, leading to abnormal loads in the bolts for some period of time before they finally broke themselves.

    • Simon Mallett

      “It wasn’t ET!” Or maybe the men in black have visted Dale at Ecotricity and used their brain zap guns to make Dale say this. What next? it’ll be a weather balloon that did it, or maybe sheep perching on the blade?

    • cswd

      Fatigue is one of, if not the, most common cause of failure of engineered components (an estimated 40% of parts fail by fatigue). There’s two types (high cycle and low cycle) and I’d think it’s high cycle fatigue that got you here! Very mundane form of failure, shame, like many others I thought the alien story was fun.

      There’s a possible upside, they say any publicity is good publicity – have you found that all the media attention has helped customer recruitment?!