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46 responses to “The car with no name”

    • Graeme Cooper

      My suggestion for the car with no name is “FORCE”

      Gale FORCE
      FORCE of the wind
      Electromotive FORCE
      The FORCE as in starwars FORCE os the mystical energy that guides etc.
      Brake FORCE
      A FORCE to be reconed with

      I am an Elise owner (early S1) and also in the wind industry (Fred.Olsen Renewables and ex BWEA) and interested in how this turns out.

      I like the mock-up picture, elise/exige S2 front with Evora(esq) rear – very nice.

      Good luck Dale, and may the FORCE be with you.

    • James


      As in the picture, what about ‘Zero C’? or ‘Zero’? or ‘C. Zero’?

      The car looks – too good for words, I cant wait for my invite for a test drive! :o)

      Looking foward to seeing it.

      Best of luck!

    • Chris

      I liked the 2 videos on Dannys blog. Kept finding myself nodding like a lemming. I’m surprised to hear it should only cost approx. £300k to develope this car. That is lower than I expected. Why aren’t more companies doing it?!

      Random question, is there any chance Ecotricity would branch out abroad? Not that I want you to desert Britain or the electric car, but I can’t help wondering if it might in some ways be easier abroad? In America for example, there’s loads more space, lower population density, probably easier planning laws, Obama appears to be pushing for more green industry and jobs. I’m guessing you may get more support from him than from Gordon Brown or David Cameron! Plus the recession may well end there sooner than it will here.

      With regards to the name, I quite like Zephyr. It ties back to the wind thing which is important in my mind. However it might force you to actually sell the car with the electricity in some way.

    • Leo

      Not sure about Zephyr… how would it handle in complex terrain?

      Apogee, but there’s a solar car of that name.
      Xenon (or something else off the periodic table)
      Quasar – my fave

    • derek thomas


      Great Progress. Have you any marketing ideas for the car as I would like to buy one.


    • Chris Sheard

      Really cool project.

      Name ? Wind-powered sports car . . How about something along the lines of ‘whirlwind’ ? Sounds better in Spanish (Torbellino) or Italian (Vortice).

      Good luck and keep up the excellent work.

    • Matt


      I don’t like Nemesis. It sounds a bit obvious and it just reminds me of the rollercoaster. Zero C sounds awesome. Clean and straight to the point!

      Zero C all the way.

    • Alex Macdonald

      Been following this with great interest Dale. It really is a fantastic project.

      What about,
      Aeolus? (Greek God of the Winds)
      Derecho? (A severe windstorm)

      Sorry if they’ve all been mentioned before. Nemesis sounds pretty formidable though!

    • Michael

      Looks very promising guys keep up the good work.

      Zephyr was a rather ugly and boxxy North American car in the 80’s, made by Ford I believe.

      How about the ‘Carbon’ or the ‘Footprint’?

    • richard goth

      Hurricane…I don’t think people will confuse it with the Jeep hurricane 🙂

    • Viv

      Blash – Strong blast of wind, sudden beginning of a storm in England

      Something specifically English and has the wind power link? Also the connotation of a new era/time.

    • ogy


    • MW


      ‘Alternative’ Energy Revolution

    • Justin Noe

      What about the “Zeco”
      It’s nearly like Zero, has a reference to ecology and economy. It’s short, not too macho and not too soft.

    • Ian

      I’m liking Zeco! Perfect.

    • Jeffrey Lam

      I had a thought… if you are going to use a weather term, I think you should use one that

      1) occurs in the UK or in British waters (before climate change), this would rule out Hurricane, Typhoon, Cyclone, Tornado etc. but Storm, Blash, Gale, Gust (has anyone suggested Gust yet?) are still in

      2) ecotricity’s turbines can still operate in (i.e. generate electricity). Can the turbines still operate in a gale? Would seem a bit silly calling the car something like Typhoon, only to find that during a typhoon you can’t charge the batteries on wind power because the turbines are taking a bashing.

    • Ian

      Whatever you decide, make it sexy! Gust ain’t doing it for me.

    • Will Thielker

      Dunno about names, but can I have one too?

    • Doug

      Is this video available on youtube?

    • juk

      Coulomb or Coolomb?
      then you could call it avogadro’s car.

    • Andrei

      Hey Dale.
      Just one thing I’d like to point out. Only trendy douchebags wear scarves like that, don’t give yourself a bad image.
      Besides that you’re doing a great job and your car is turning out wonderful from what I can tell. Keep up the good work, I can’t wait to see the final version of it.

    • Doc Soixanteneuf

      Hi Dale,

      I, too, am quite stunned by how compartatively little this project has cost so far – how have you done it?

      Namewise, I like Chris Sheard’s suggestion ‘Vortice’ (pronounced ‘vorti-chay’ I trust?). If you plump foe ‘C Zero’, will people start calling it ‘C 0’, leading to ‘CO’, meaning that it’s replacement would be called ‘CO2’?

    • David La Motta

      Rosa (de los vientos)

      // David

    • Chris Sheard

      Doc Soixanteneuf: VORTICE
      Yes indeed ! With the name sounded “Vorti-chay” (it would be pronounced this way in Italian) – this is exactly what I was suggesting.

    • Hassan farah

      Hi guys

      Mr Dale i am an inventor and i am working on a sustainable power concept, i would like to work with you. plase contact me.

      The car is awsome, i really like it.

      i would like to suggest this name for your car


    • Jeffrey Lam

      I’ve got a question. Dale says that there are no cars that he would think of as “real electric cars” and certainly no “wind-powered cars”. I thought that what changed an electric car into a wind-powered car in this case was where you plugged it in, and not anything to do with the car itself… can someone tell me what I’ve missed?

    • Mike Miller

      How about:


      Quick search on Google & suggests not currently in use.

    • James McCartney

      Good work Dale – looks smart.

      Suggest Zero-Fighter as a name, though perhaps has some dodgy historic connotations?

    • Chris

      Having thought about ‘Defiant’ which I now quite like, I’m starting to appreciate that there could be potential in a name that swears in the face of convention/the oil companies/the car companies!

      On that line…

      Rebel, Demagogue, Mule, Firebrand, Maverick, Killjoy, Dissident, Radical, Renegade, Mutineer, Saboteur.

      Or a somewhat more random suggestion…
      The Wigand (Pronounced Wye-gand) – after the real life tobacco executive turned whistle-blower Jeffrey Wigand, depicted in the Pacino/Crowe film ‘The Insider’. Because of the parallels commonly drawn between the gag on science that the tobacco industry had and the gag the oil industry now has on science & technology.

    • Leo

      … “Insurgent” 😉

    • David Delany

      Looking good.
      For a simple unpretentious name incorporating the derivation of the energy, how about: Breeze

    • ogy

      Glad you like the name. Afterall, it is defying any common practice in the industry with great success. I knock on wood for the good work and wish you a great success!

    • James

      Dale, you can’t drive it without knowing the name!

      you wont know what your driving…;-)


    • Jeremy Davies

      Hey Dale,

      How about naming it after a famous wind – ‘Chinook”



    • Julian Gilkes

      Call it ‘Mistral’

    • Gavin

      Lotus have called their new model Evora. Combine that with Eco from Ecology or Ecotricity makes “Ecora”.

    • Russ

      If you called it ‘Nemesis’ you might as well go the whole hog and call it ‘Narcissus’

    • David hicks

      Hi Dale
      I have a great idea for you
      When they finish the car why not have a go at the world indoor
      speed record which is 82 miles per hour.
      This was set at the NEC in Birmingham in 2006.
      I know because I filmed it.

      Top gear did 81 miles per hour inside the Exell centre
      in a F1 car.
      The Excel centre is 385 metres long.
      The only problem is that you have to stop before you hit the wall.
      Your engineers would be able to work out if it is possible.
      It would be great publicity if sponsored 2 world records in the same year.
      Looking forward to seeing your finished car.
      From a Prius owner who is waiting for the Electric car Revolution.
      David Hicks

    • Sqeaky

      Jeffrey Lam raises a good point here, isn’t the only thing that makes this a wind powered car where you plug it in? If the wind’s not blowing when you charge it is it a nuclear/coal/gas powered car?
      I like the idea that the factory where it’s made could use wind power, how about hurrying the building at the Lotus factory along and then worry about the name.

    • Stuart Evans

      ZEFR – “zero emissions f’ing rocket”. Keeps the west wind link but looses the Ford aspect.

    • L. Warren

      How about:


      Pronounce it any way you want!!

      I love it!!

    • ken

      Greek god of wind Aeolus
      Hopi wind god Yaponcha
      Aztec wind god Ehecatle
      Egyptian wind god Shu or Seth
      Zephyr a breeze from the west

      Nemesis the Greek goddess of retributive justice Huh ?

    • Tom

      The car looks great and I really hope you can get it into production. I have been following electric cars and waiting for a decent looking, well built and fast electric car to come to market for some time so I’ll be waiting to see what happens with yours!

      Good luck!