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38 responses to “The Wind Car – Episode 9 of 6”

    • James Hall

      The car looks fantastic keep up the good work.

      What about “zeroco” or zeroco2″ (the 2 would be superscript).

      HR have my CV keep an eye out for it!


    • Derek Thomas

      Looks great. Just waiting for the opportunity to buy one.


    • Jonathan Busch

      Looks like great progress.

      I like Zephyr as a name. If you want to capture the Top Gear audience then I don’t think ‘Zero’ works. It sounds like your trying to force an environmental agenda when really the car should stand as being awesome by itself.

      Good luck with the tornado!


    • Joe Casasanta


      I can sense the frustration to get this job done in the video. I understand that new innovations, inventions, and the design of all this takes time, but without having milestone deadlines established, you will be spending alot more money and time for this project to be completed. I personally have been on both ends of this, (as a designer and as an expeditor) and can personally tell you that milestone deadlines are needed. A bit of stess on the engineers and designers is a necessary evil of getting the job done.

      Best of luck as always and please do not give up hope. You’re doing a great service by “thinking outside the box”, and paving the road for the future.

      Joe Casasanta

    • Jonathan

      Can’t wait for the car to be finished. I’ve been following this project from day one and am a big supporter of Ecotricity’s ideals. Has the name been decided on?

      Fingers crossed for next month.


    • David hicks

      Did you get my post about the world indoor speed record being 81 miles per hour?
      This is the petrol record not sure what the electric one is or
      even if there is one.

      For publicity it would be great to have two world records in the same year one for wind powered and one for electric.

      Can us bloggers see your first drive?

    • Will

      I like e-bird as a name. It has a less is more feel (Ipod like).

    • Justin Noe

      Really like what your doing Dale although my one reservation on all this is that it’ll be a one off. I’m sure the sun readers will be amazed by how good the car is but if these things remain a pipe dream for joe public then they’ll just go buy petrol cars.
      Kinda wished the government would step in and help companies like you with funding R&D to kick start the revolution.
      Out of curiosity how much would an “e-bird” cost as it is?
      Hope the next post sees you out-drag that dirty old fossil fueled Tornado!

    • Grilla Login

      Why not involve the Sun in the naming of your car, D?
      Get them to run a competion – Winner gets to sit beside you when you take it for a spin around the track + 1 year’s free Ecotricity. Open the debate to the masses – Pump the PR not fossil fuels!! Page 3 stunner draped in Green Union Jack – I can picture it now OOOOOOWWEEEEEEE!!

    • James


    • Xena

      For me, Zero doesn’t really do it as a name, and Zephyr doesn’t seem to have much relevance… so it’s Hurakan all the way for me!

    • LW

      Another name idea “Breeze”

    • Ricardo Gomez

      How about E-Volution “electric revolution”
      (viva the next rEVolution) “EV together and in capitals to stand is an Electric VEHICLE heheh pretty f…. awsome!

    • Matthew

      Zero, Hurukan and Zephyr

      ‘Zephyr’ means gentle breeze. too weak. ‘Hurricane’, ‘Storm’ or ‘Tornado’ would be more appropriate if you want to blow-away the cobwebs and change things. It’s a sports car!

      ‘Hurukan’ is better, but ‘h’s are a bit feeble and forgettable.

      ‘Zero’ is crap. It means nothing – that’s what people will think of. Yes, it’s got a good strong Z but it’s not enough. The idea of ‘zero co2’ will be instantly lost on most people, they just don’t care about that.

      I’d focus on the positive aspects of the car from the driver’s point of view: ‘Torque’ for example.

      or ‘Kinotron’, ‘Plazma’, ‘Transmission’

    • Matthew

      couple more:

      ‘Cers’ or ‘Kerz’



      ‘Brickfielder’ 😉

    • matthew


    • Michael King

      Some more name suggestions:

      – Mistral

      – Windsurfer

      – Freestyle

      Good luck with it all.


    • Hektik

      Hi there,

      If you just turn the other way around “Zero C”, you have “CoreZ”. Plain and easy.


    • Jeffrey Lam

      what about “Hurrah! Can!” (see what I did?)
      sorry, couldn’t resist it. I’ll try and think of some serious ones…

    • David Eastaugh

      How about
      AZIMUTH for a name, its used in Wind Vector co-ordinates to describe the direction TOWARDS which the wind is blowing.

      And I think think the direction in which the wind is blowing in cars is towards electric.


    • Simon Gamble

      how about a name that just sticks it in the face of all those big car giants like GM etc that are bound to go down in a burning pile because they’ve missed the boat on the future of automobile technology. something like “the bird” haha. that’s what you can give them.

        • MW

          Something like Gybe?

    • matthew

      ^ I like that one Azimuth

    • paul

      Ah – there’s some good names floating about now… nice work on the Zeco logo Bruce… speaking of floating – I was over on the cloud appreciation society website the other day and thought these might work for car names:

      nimbus (esp this one)

      sirius (a or b 🙂 )

      Viridis/Viridian/Viride (Bruce Sterling would be flattered I am sure)

    • Phil

      Racing for pink slips? You’ve been watching too much Two Lane Blacktop…

    • Chris

      I really like your comments towards the end of this video. This should not be a small exlusive club, we need to engage with the mainstream. I would hope Ecotricity follows that example. I’ve seen your adverts in The Independent, but do you advertise in the Sun, the Mail etc?

    • leo

      Names, names and more names.
      don’t know about you, but i read them and then sort of instantly forget them.

      just keep it simple.

      or no name at all. hm, then again, without a name the press would refer to it as ‘ecotricity’s lotus’. they probably will anyway. so what the hell.

      who can relate to ‘azimuth’ and ‘viridis’? both sound like genital diseases.

      ok, now my 5cents: wait a min -I’m not gonna suggest a name..that would be selling out.

      btw. what colour is the anodized motor housing gonna be? i bet blue. can’t wait to see that.

    • homer

      Name aside, I’m a bit confused about this project.

      How can a car run on wind and yet be a practical car? is the generator on the car and some how converts the wind resistance into usable energy that pushes the car?

      Or is it just a electric sports car like the tesla roadster that gets its electricity from the grid that’s run off wind turbines?

        • Xena

          The 2nd one!

            • homer

              ah thanks.

    • Andy

      Hi, I don’t know if you’re still looking for names but one I like is Vayu, it’s the Hindu god of wind. You might need to do a trademark search on it but it sounds pretty cool and fitting for such a project.

    • Jonny Holt

      Hello Everyone,

      It is an interesting point that Simon Gamble raises – the mention of GM. They are planning on ditching several of their brands. Could this mean that they would be open to offers for an existing one? Hummer springs to mind…

      Yes, I know. There can’t be many cars on the planet more different to Dale’s wind powered car than the US Army Humvee – but bear with me on this one.

      1. If the wind / electric powered car makes any noise at all it will be a hum. It just needs a different mindset as to what a “Hummer” is.

      2. At the moment, they are probably not planning on getting any money for it. Even if Ecotricity were to offer a nominal sum, GM would in all probability see themselves as potentially up on the deal.

      3. The PR coup of being “in talks with GM about buying the Hummer brand” would be front-page media gold.

      4. Even if nothing came of it, which I admit is the most likely outcome, the column inches and airtime generated would be worth it in terms of the public consciousness in the longer term.

      Pontiac is also being ditched – but I can’t think of any remotely relevant connection between Ecotricity and that one.

      Alternatively, Chrysler is now being sold to Fiat, who will want to radically restructure and slim down that organisation. One of Chrysler’s brands – Dodge – have already tried to test the water for electric vehicles with the Lotus Europa based Dodge Circuit which it seems will not survive the Fiat tie-up, although it has not even gone on sale yet. Of course they have for many years sold a sub-brand, the good ol’ boy V8 hemi-powered muscle-car Dodge Charger – an iconic name if ever there was one and even better named for a high performance electric car.

      See if that is available!

      Best regards,


      PS Despite all the above I am glad to see that Hurakan / Huracan (as I think I suggested first on February 18th – I am sure I will be corrected if I am wrong) is still a front runner.

    • TR

      I don’t know about copyright etc, but I think the name “Hertz” would be great… and appropriate.

      I kinda get where Johnny’s coming from re buying Humvee but generally people are quite sceptical about publicity stunts. Dale would actually have to come up with a decent plan of what to do with the car/company if it went through (even if there’s no real intention of that happening) otherwise it might sour some people’s opinions of Dale and/or Ecotricity.