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6 responses to “Festival of Innovation and 500Kites”

    • Derek

      Thanks Paul.

      I will look forward to seeing the car on the 13th


    • Anna

      I’m a kite fan too and know the sense of awe you get when hauled off your feet on the end of a string.

      There’s another wind festival that I came across while cycling round Corsica – maybe you could link up in the future?


    • J

      this loks like it should be good fun – a Great opportunity for those budding photographers too!

      Get down there!

    • Jonny Holt

      Hello Everyone,

      The mention of kites got me thinking – I was sure I had seen something on the web about using them to generate power.

      These were not the concept that I remember reading about but interesting and amusing to those of us of a techy bent nevertheless:

      No doubt this sort of approach would alarm the Civil Aviation Authority, but if we all have to give up flying to hit the UK’s carbon reduction targets I assume that ceases to be a problem.

      I will try to dig up some more – but I have just been reminded it is bedtime.

      Best regards,


    • Andrea Halman

      Hi. We saw you there. Have just found your website and have been reading the updates on the car.

      I’m looking forwards to the day when I can drive an electric car without worries or a massive overdraft.

      For now, I’ll stick with the bike and good old public transport. All the best though. We need the pioneers as well as the big-bucks to drive the engineering forwards.