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17 responses to “Car pool with Robert Llewellyn”

    • Derek


      Could the Nemesis be modified to be slightly quieter. Watching the video the noise it makes could be irritating on a long journey. Is the noise from the motors or the reduction gears?


        • Derek

          I refer to the interior cabin noise.


            • Derek

              Compare the Nemesis noise to the Tesla Roadster noise on Car pool.


                • dave

                  he’s driving a prius in this video! not the Vince EV.

                    • Derek


                      At the end of the video the Vince EV is featured and you can listen to the noise then


                    • Chris

                      I expect the noise is not a big issue on a sports car. For petrol heads and their messiah Mr. Clarkson I would imagine the noise is a good thing enhancing the feeling of torque. It’s not like a ferrari is quiet or in any way practical afterall! Maybe some tweaking would be necessary for the family hatchback, but then again that would naturally be slower & quieter.

    • Jeffrey Lam

      Robert Llewellyn is a star! As is Dale Vince…

    • ben keene

      dale – this is a great way to communicate in a relaxed manner the ecotricity story and rationale. enjoyed it. thanks.

    • Chris

      Great video. It’s good to hear you challenge some of the myths about windmills. I’d like to hear more of your opinions on specific storage solutions and levelling peaks/dips in demand. You’ve probably already read the book I’m into now (10 technologies to save the planet – fantastic if you haven’t), but he talks about ‘pumped storage technology’. Is this a viable technology for Ecotricity?

      The number of sceptics I hear telling me that windmills don’t work half the time and there isn’t enough wind etc still astounds me. I think most people probably don’t have a clue that such technology exists! I think we really need to push it out there to give people something they can believe in.

        • Xena

          I agree that this should be promoted a bit more. There are so many myths about turbines floating about the internet etc, and there are so many people that are completely anti-wind because of this

    • Jonny Holt

      Hello Dale,

      Lithium from Seawater? I hadn’t heard of that one before. I had thought that Bolivia was going to have a stranglehold on our motoring appetite. A few minutes googling turned up this:-,%20july%202007.pdf

      It is a bit dense and full of charts and graphs, but readable if you persevere and analyses the case for and against lithium and other battery technologies. However, several basic facts leap out from it – that 75% of the world’s lithium is in South America (I did not know about the pivotal role of the continent as a whole); that the largest lithium reserves in China are in fact in Tibet; that extracting lithium from seawater is a technology that is only just entering its infancy and is still in the laboratory – it is decades away from any industrial application at best.

      I still maintain that the current enthusiasm for the lithium battery is overhyped and the zinc-air and NaNiCl (Zebra) batteries are probably better bets. Diversity will be our saviour in terms of batteries and, yes, fuel cells as well. We must avoid replacing oil dependency with lithium dependency.

      Best regards,


    • bob dobbs

      Very good watching… Dale you came accross really well and Bobby is always a pleasure to watch… hope lots of people have switched to Ecotricity like me now!