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14 responses to “Nemesis update – nearly there.”

    • James



    • Brian King

      With all this Carbon Fibre in the manufacture how does the carbon footprint of the car match up to a standard car given a life cycle of 10 years at roughly 10K miles per year?

      How recyclable is carbon fibre as it is a re-inforcing plastic which doesn’t easily degrade?

      What is the likely selling price and when will it be on sale?

      It will be a valid incentive to trade in my Scooby perhaps/

    • Chris

      Brian, good question. I too would be interested to know a bit more about the carbon cost of car manufacture. I like the idea of all cars being something closer to the aerial atom. Stripped back, with as little cosmetic fabrication as possible – whilst maintaining reasonable safety standards. Someone once told me that car manufacture consumes more energy than the car will use in its entire life. Is this true in the case of the Nemesis? Is the factory powered by Ecotricity and if so how much can this reduce the overall carbon cost of manufacture?

    • Toby

      just got this email, about this years Alternative Energy Racing day at Santa Pod – somewhere that’s certainly my guilty pleasure, and probably for more renewable energy types that would like to admit it …..


      Dear All,

      Welcome to 2010’s Alternative Energy Racing event! The website has recently been updated for the 2010 event, and it’s worth taking a look around to remind yourself what the day is all about.

      We are now officially accepting entries for the event, and our entry list will go on-line shortly. The event takes place on Friday 23rd April, and once again, we are offering FREE TICKETS AND TRACKTIME to all suitable entries.

      Q) What is a suitable entry?
      A) Any car, motorcycle or conveyance that does not burn fossil fuels.

      So, if you run an electric, biodiesel, biogas, compressed air, hydrogen, ethanol or alcohol-powered vehicle, or know someone who does, read on:

      It’s FREE, it’s FUN, and it’s GOOD FOR BUSINESS, so send in your entry today to be involved. Please send entries via the form on the official website:

      The official event website homepage can be found here:

      Rick Cuthbert
      Alternative Energy Racing
      Event Coordinator

    • Jeffrey Lam

      abnormal? I’ve never heard that as a charging option before… but I like it 🙂

    • Dina

      Hi There! I am working on a science fair project and I was wondering if you could tell me how the wind is being converted into energy and then stored?



    • Toby

      where are you having the BMS done? does it balance on charge and discharge?

    • Jeffrey Lam

      “The next update should be episode 12 of 6 – in another week or two I hope.”

      Or eleven (weeks)? I hope?

        • paul

          Hope springs eternal Jeff 😉

          I am hoping that we will have an update soon – I hear that there has been good progress with the BMS and that there is detailing going on…

    • mark

      Is this car ever going to see the light of day? It was running last June/July and as far as I can see has hardly been out since.

      I’m guessing the excuse is the lack of a working BMS – and that doesn’t seem to be any nearer to working than it was back in January. How another company can take on the job without knowing how the system is meant to work is beyond me.

      This is a project that will slip away and be forgotten. Real shame.

    • joshua miller

      hello there,
      i was having a look at your attemp to build a electric car and wondered if you would have any interest in a motor we have devoloped . it is a earth magnet pulse motor and produces 175nm torque and A new electric motor design that produces more torque (power-out) per watt of power-in than any known conventional electric motor, and operates at greater than 98% efficiency across a wide range of operating loads and speeds. The dramatic increase in the efficiency and power density allows for smaller, lighter and more powerful electric motors that operate cool under maximum load. anyways it is ready for manufacture and we have a supplier for lithium titanate batteries that have an extremely high discharge/charge rate. if you are serious about this car and would like to aquire real viable technology email back to us at the supplied address. or phone 07733250069

      Joshua Miller