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10 responses to “Olympic sized Pork Pies anyone?”

    • James

      lol, I like the pie, very fitting.

    • Robin

      Looks like a spoiler to me… they didn’t get the contract, so they planted a story to undermine the technology and reduce media traction (no-longer news). If the story opens up again, they’ll push nuclear as the future etc etc

    • Windymiller

      SO much more behind this story……… I am aware of a number of manufacturers who have been approached and have declined putting this turbine in. Someone at the olympic committee thought it would be nice to have a big turbine to reinforce the “greenness” of the 2012 olympics.
      I was involved with one of those who walked away and it makes no sense on SO many levels. Wind regime for one is not good enough, the proposal is right on top of accomodation buildings and right next to rail lines – so the health and safety aspect is also a huge turn off. I am surprised that EDF had their arms twisted to go public on looking at this – the others looked, said no and walked away and kept out of the media.

        • dale Vince

          Hi Windymiller – you’re right there is a lot more to the story than this.

          But there’s no way EDF were pressured into going public on this. They failed to win the tender (having tried) 12 months ago, this announcement makes no sense other than as face saving news manipulation.


    • ben

      It seems like a continuation of bad journalism towards eco-agendas not giving the full details of this non-event.

      One can argue about the implications of EDF’s wind turbine in the media (and the lack of anyone else’s for that matter), but if the Olympic committee really want to go green then there is an awful lots of other things they should be doing, not just high impact million pound structures.

    • zolov

      You couls say the same about your Berkaley Vale site. Local private wind monitoring stations say NO WIND!

        • Simba

          @ Zolov,

          A wet finger doesn’t count as a wind monitoring station btw. 😛

    • Des Fleet

      sounds akin to gettin hancock to rubbish the railways in the 60,s.. but sneakier… some road builder and his mates profit from building of road system…..and edf want to build nuclear facilities?