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13 responses to “Another kind of Wind powered car”

    • The Ville

      Why hasn’t it been on the news?

      Seems like an obvious news story.

      Oh yes I remember. Journalists are scientifically illiterate jerks.

    • Rick Cavallaro

      It’s not necessarily news-worthy. We haven’t discovered any new laws of physics. This thing was intended as nothing more than a brain-teaser. But we let it get completely out of control. It was the subject of a segment on the Discovery channel however. I doubt I can post a link here, but you can easily find it if you search “spork33” on YouTube.

      (blog manager note: here’s the link to spork33‘s Youtube channel – Paul)

        • paul

          Hiya Rick – thanks for dropping by!

          You can post links on here – it’s just a little tricky at the moment (that’ll probably be fixed with the next update).

          You just need to use the HTML tags – I will edit you comment to add the link to Spork33 Youtube channel, but for reference here’s the code I used:

          <a href=”″>spork33</a>


        • The Ville

          Yes Rick.

          But the media like teasing don’t they?

    • Jonny Holt

      Hello everybody,

      Working on the basis that the rotor will have the same inherent characteristics as a static HAWT, would there be any advantage – in order to have a more manoeuvrable vehicle – if the wind car had a VAWT instead? This might make it possible to drive in any direction (except downwind).

      Please tell me if there is any flaw in my reasoning.

      Best regards,


    • Jeremy Parsons

      I can explain it but you may prefer not to know. Look away now.

      A brick does no work sitting on a table. A little vehicle does no work standing still. Think of energy and forces but separately. Work done is different from force.The vehicles start stationary and use drag on the vehicle body to move it forward which spins the propeller which now has its own rotating velocity with lift separate from the vehicle.The vehicle speed matching wind speed is nothing special to the propeller. Its just levers and vectors and lift!

    • Rick Cavallaro

      >> Its just levers and vectors and lift!

      Levers and vectors and lift – OH MY! : )

    • The Ville

      I read the mythbusters forum that is linked to in the post and the RoofGuy got it then lost it. I thought it was amusing that they got confused between moving water and a ‘stationary’ ground, suggesting the physics would be different!

      There was a yacht built in the 60s or 70s that had a similar prop set up and no sail. Not sure if it was as efficient.

    • Toby Biggs


      i am a 15 year old male, and am fascinated on how you achieved all of this. i am also on work experience with “Ecotricity” and am enjoying it very much, so i’d just like to say thanks

    • yoni levy

      I think you should read what Audi is developing right now.

        • Jonny Holt

          Hello Yoni,

          Re: “what Audi is developing right now”, please can you post a link?

          It might be that you are referring to their 2009 e-Tron concept and other more recent developments from that car. I am not aware that they are doing a DWFTTW vehicle. If so that would truly be “Vorschprung Durch Technik”.

          Best regards,


    • yoni levy

      Yes, you understand me.

      do you know cars that really build that car?