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12 responses to “False Economies”

    • Dean

      If these large scale solar projects are now not viable for Ecotricty, is there any chance that you could help householders with the cost of installation if they agreed to sign a contract to sell the energy back to Ecotricity?

      I would love to have a solar panel on our roof, but I cannot afford the inital costs which I have been told is around £10,000.

        • Neil O'Connor

          There are a number of options with solar, and a whole raft of different manufacturers and installation companies.
          Your price would depend on how many panels you wanted, and which make of panel was used. They all offer no obligation quotes, I was quoted as low as 7,100.00 GBP for a 2kw system fully installed.

    • Verity

      The problem Dean is the same faced by Ecotricity. The Feed in Tariff issue also affects the individual not just companies like Eoctricity. I was looking into it over the weekend.

      The scheme in it’s present form for households whereby a company installs and pays for the photovoltaic system and you get 25 years of free electricity, comes to an end in 2012.

      “If you decided to buy a solar photovoltaic system you would easily earn back your initial investment through the generous feed-in tariffs which is the government’s solar cashback scheme. This is where your energy supplier pays you for every kilowatt of electricity that your panels produce. This payment is guaranteed for 25 years and is indexed linked to the retail price index. This means that the amount that you get paid every year goes up.”

    • David Hicks

      Yes what about giving people money towards installing solar panels in return for selling the power to Ecotricity.
      Just look a the supermarkets 10p of a litre when you spend £40 shopping. Is there not a similar grant system that could work.

    • Damon Hart-Davis

      Dean: there are lots of companies out there specialising in that already (such as HomeSun, A Shade Greener, etc).



    • Terry Shrek Gray

      I agree with every word written.
      We have unbeleivable opportunities in this country to lead the world in Alternative Energy Technologies.
      Cammeron bleats on about backing Entrepenuers, Green Thinkers and New Ideas then effectively pulls the rug from under their feet.
      What happened to British Ingenuity. It hit the brick wall of British Government.
      The idiots (Neophites) in governments seem never to have lived on the same planet as people like me.
      Dale Vince is without doubt the most knowledgable man in regard to his sphere of operations in the UK. Why is his expertise and knwledge not being utilised by our So Called leaders to put the UK in a position of exporting our ideas and technology.
      We used to have a Motor Industry, Steel Industry, Ship Building Industry and many more that were the envy of the planet at this rate we will not even get on the New Energy Train .
      Dale must be pulling his hair out at these circumstances and I know the feeling.
      I have run a Recycling system for 35 years and know that for very little investment the system could drastically Reduce CO2, UK Motoring Costs, UK Import requirements, Vehicle Theft, Hazardous Substance leakage into the UK’s soild and water tables and many more benefits.
      When I say little investment its minor in comparison to the Millions our government wastes. £75,000 per year for 4 years.
      Stand for Parliament Dale.
      You will get my vote.

        • Paul Verbinnen

          Hi Terry,

          Unfortunately this country has already missed the boat to be a world leader, as reported in the news this week. Even countries in Africa are leaving this place far behind.
          There’s something fundamentally wrong with a British government that is so complacent about the looming climatic catastrophe.
          Content to protect their fossil fuel buddies (& their own shareholding) at the expense of the population and the planet.

    • Martin

      How is a ‘project’ defined?

      The current feed-in tariff is still the same for <50kw projects. So could you not have ten different 50Kw 'projects' all in the same field, that all got commisoned one week after each other with seperate invertors? – making a 500KWs in total?

      I guess I am being a bit optimistic!

        • Ted Marynicz

          Very optimistic, unfortunately.

          OFGEM have various means of defining ‘site’ to which the maximum generation value is applied – which then controls what rate of FiT is payable.

          This includes the expected, such as OS map ref, postcode, MPAN meter ref, but also a ‘catch-all’ clause that allows them to decide exactly what is or isn’t allowed on whatever basis they feel like dreaming up.

          Game, set and match.

            • Damon Hart-Davis

              Indeed, I’ve already been bitten by that, lumping my pre-FiT PV with my new FiT PV so as to give me a below-top tariff even on the FiT stuff. V annoying.



    • Nick Palmer

      Watching the video clip of the BBC news, I noted that Greg Barker also said:

      “…and will also further encourage the uptake of green electricity from anaerobic digestion”

      The FIT changes are a bit of a setback for PV solar power, but not so for Ecotricity’s “green gas” plans, no?



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    • David Hicks

      Ecotricity has done such great work I wonder if there is a risk now from these companies that fit free Solar Panels to your house.
      There profit comes from the Government.
      And the feed in Tariff.
      It seems like an amazing deal. Nothing to pay but it will Knock up to 1/3 off your Bill.
      I am certainly considering it but I am not sure that I can stay with Ecotricity and still get the Free Solar Panels.

      Does Ecoticity have any plans to get into this kind of Power Generation Where you fit free Solar Panels to peoples House?