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Dump the Big Six
Go on you know you want to…

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For most of last year, and continuing quite unabated into this New Year, the mood in our country has turned very much against the Big Six energy companies. And it’s not hard to see why. People are fed up with the unethical pricing, complex tariffs, awful customer service and the dire lack of investment in new sources of green energy. It’s become quite unbearable, self evidently. Even the government are calling on people to leave the Big Six.

We’ve just launched a campaign on that front. It’s called ‘Dump The Big Six’.

And, as befits an organisation such as ecotricity, it’s not a big budget TV campaign – it’s taking place online, through digitally enabled People:Power – social media.

The campaign’s crumbling cooling towers are symbols of a passing era, of an old industrial approach to energy production – through burning fossil fuels. The overwhelming feeling this animation gives me is that it’s ‘time to move on’ – as a country we need to, and as people we need to. We’re calling on Britons to ‘Dump The Big Six’ and the old way of doing things (they’re inseparable after all) and to instead be a part of a revolution – one where People Power brings about something so axiomatically right for Britain – (Green) energy independence.

It’s our first campaign on this scale and it marks a watershed. We’ve spent the last few years putting in place the processes and infrastructure to enable us to dramatically scale up our work. Our very deliberate plan was to be very good at what we did before we tried to get big. And we feel we’ve achieved that now.

We feel it’s time now to take on the Big Six. We’re ready and perhaps, now more than ever before, Britain is too.

And what are we offering that the Big Six don’t?

Well, in a way we are the anti Big Six – the polar opposite or perhaps photographic negative. Firstly we have an ethical pricing policy – wherein we have only two simple tariffs, everyone gets our latest best price, automatically – and we match the standard price of each Big Six on their home turf. Secondly we have the greenest possible outcome from our customers’ energy bills, ten times more of the billed £ gets spent building new sources of Green Energy. And thirdly and no means least – we have real customer service, we care passionately about this, answer the phone ourselves, keep our promises – all basic stuff, but so long missing from the Big Six.

We are what they are not – perhaps, even, we are, or will prove to be, their nemesis.

Dump The Big Six is about People:Power.

People:Power is at the heart of ecotricity, it’s how we work – empowering people to bring about change with their energy bills.

And the campaign itself is taking place in the (relatively) new world of social media, a place that enables and empowers people to come together, voice opinions and bring about change (38 Degrees is a great example of that) – in a way that has never been possible before. It’s digitally enabled democracy.

People:Power can bring change to the energy sector – when people join us they vote with their energy bills – and the more that do so the better. Together we can harness the energy bills of Britain and direct them to a proper outcome – the creation of a Green, energy independent Britain – a Green Britain.

I hope you like the animation, it’s still making me smile and I’ve seen it a lot. We’ve got a fun Facebook App to go with it, where you can dump your Big Six, to a power ballad accompaniment.

Please feel free to share with everyone you know…. 🙂


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