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14 responses to “Guest post: Half the man I used to be. Well, almost”

    • Damon Hart-Davis

      Good on you: some willpower and sustained effort and away you go!

      (We all have *something* that others can pick on us for…)

      So, now you have to learn how to fight off all the extra looks and attention you’ll be getting at the watercooler. Maybe Dale can send you up a cold turbine or two… B^>



        • James Horwood

          Thanks for reading and thanks so much for the kind words Damon, and you’re right – there will always be a flaw in all of us that others will pick out.

          Unfortunatly, bullies will always be there, but it’s now clear it is THEM who have the bigger issue.

          I’m off to the watercooler.



    • Sadie Mertens

      As I said in my txt to you on Wednesday James –

      Congratulations & a very big Well Done.

      Also have to say – real determination that’s obviously paid off – all your family & close friends must be so proud of you – I know SJ is.

      Real inspiration to others.

      Best Wishes

      Sadie xx

        • James Horwood

          Thank you very much for your txt, Sadie. I hope you got my reply.

          All the best.

          James x

    • Justin

      Nice one, very inspiring story. Just goes to show if you want it, you’ll do it. All the best

        • James Horwood


          Thanks for reading and for the very kind words.

          Take care,


    • Chris

      Crikey, your photo’s barely look like the same person!

      Good work James.

        • James Horwood

          I promise it’s the same person 🙂

          Thanks for the nice comment, glad you enjoyed it.


    • Sally V


      Well done and Congrats! You look amazing. Im doing the same at the moment and reading this has made me more determined.

      Can’t wait to see you in the new year!

        • James Horwood

          How you getting on Sally…roll on Jan! almost forgot what you look like! x

    • Robert Grey

      This is so inspirational. I’m 19, weigh almost or already 16 stone, and pushing a 40 inch waist. Reading these kinds of stories gives me temporary motivation but somewhere along the way I always seem to lose it. I’ve thought about becoming vegetarian in the past, but never even begun to see it through, but it is something that I am interested in doing. I hope I can share your same story! If the motivation sticks around…

        • James Horwood

          Hi Robert

          Thanks very much for the comment – do you mind if i drop you a line on the email address you procided on the comment?

    • Robert Grey

      Course not! 🙂