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24 responses to “Fuel Crisis, What Fuel Crisis?”

    • Mark Tebbutt

      Welecome to the Leaf owners club. After 12 months of ownership I wouldn’t go back to steam age internal combustion engine powered cars unless I was forced to. My annual service only cost £98!

      Good to hear that quick CHAdeMo DC chargers are being rolled out to 24hr accessible Welcome break service stations.. That will be a game changer for long distance driving Leaf owners.

        • Dale Vince

          Thanks Mark….. 🙂

          That annual service cost is v interesting – it’s a factor not taken into account in most deliberations on the cost of EVs versus the cost of conventional cars – very low running costs.


    • Ian Sinclair

      Shell in the future !!

        • Dale Vince

          Never say never…. 🙂

    • alex scargall

      wow someone proud of the nissan leaf??? must admit i had you for a tesla owner. Did you see the video for the new air powered car? its got a range of upto 180 miles and no batteries required, fully charged in 20mins and costs far less than the electric car. Should be available for people to buy this year. if i was to change my car its a strong possability.

        • Dale Vince

          Fair guess, but the Tesla never really did it for me.

          Was offered the last (new) right hand drive roadster in the world last week (by Tesla), tempted for a split second, but it’s no Nemesis… 🙂

          Air car sounds interesting. I’ll keep an eye out.


    • Nigel Hunt

      So pleased to read this from Dale. When I bought my first EV, a very basic G-Wiz, most people thought I was bonkers. But now, when they ride in my Nissan Leaf, they start to see the point! My Leaf is charged from my Solar PV in the summertime and my green electricity comes from Ecotricity the rest of the time. I have yet to try an Ecotricity public charging point and look forward to them installing rapid chargers soon.

        • Dale Vince

          Love it. People being able to make their own ‘fuel’ for their cars is one of the great changes the EV revolution will bring – bit of a headache for the government perhaps – how to tax it…?


    • Chris

      If the only thing that is keeping you from buying into electric cars is the initial outlay. There are options to consider. The Renault Twizy retails from £6,690.

      There are also some electric scooters out there. Although why there aren’t more of these beats me. If renault can make an electric car for that price, surely an electric motorbike/moped at a realistic price with a range suitable for city commuters must be realistic? ?

      I think the electric highway is a great initiative. Good work guys.

        • Dale Vince

          Thanks Chris.

          Renault have another car (name escapes me) out now for about 16k and you rent the batteries for about 1k a year.

          Interesting idea, and interesting price. Hoping to try one.


            • Chris

              It could be the Renault Zoe you’re thinking of? Just looked it up – £13,650 after govt. grant.

              It has an impressive range of 130 miles too. They’re really not far off mainstream prices now.

    • Jon Knight

      I don’t drive so you’d think the “fuel crisis” wouldn’t worry me either. However whilst the petrol heads were queuing at the pumps for fossil fuels, I was getting a good stock of tinned food in. Why? Because if there is a fuel shortage, it will affect logistics operations as well as individuals, so I wanted to ensure that I had something to eat. The herd hadn’t considered this, so I didn’t spot anyone else doing obvious “panic buying” in Sainsburys.

      Having an EV may let you off the hook for queuing for petrol or diesel, but until we have a far more decentralised food production and distribution system, fuel shortages and Peak Oil issues should still concern you.

        • Paul Verbinnen

          Speaking as one of the herd, Jon, I had already stocked up at the start of the cold snap and so only need to top up on a daily basis. 😉

        • Dale Vince

          Fair point Jon. Electric HGV’s are on the way too, which will aid the food logistic issue.


    • Maureen Tyrell

      yeah electric cars are great, dying to own one.
      (I’m a bit disappointed that Dale Vince, whom I admire a lot, refers to his wife as his other half. I hate that expression, it kind of implies he’s only half a person, and investing money in a company that’s run by half a person just doesn’t inspire confidence!)

        • Dale Vince

          Hmmm. Interesting. Words and meanings, in the eye of the beholder to some degree.

          My Other Half prefers the term Wife.

          I’m no fan of that, it feels a bit dismissive to me,, almost like a possession being described.

          I prefer Partner myself. Denotes equality.

          I am of course a whole person, as is Kate.

          Two whole persons in a team – each of us is half….. 🙂

          Your investment is unaffected by these musings… 🙂


    • GrumpyCabbie

      Welcome to the ‘hell station of the future! Love it 🙂

    • Mr B

      My partner and I have been looking at EVs – we would like a ‘normal’ looking car with a good range, that seats 5. In short, a normal hatchback. Some EVs look a bit daft.

      The Zoe does look good, and it seems they might have lowered the price again: (sorry if links are not allowed).

      £13,650, plus the battery at £70 per month. Though I beleive this might go up if you do more than x miles per year. I haven’t found out the MOT cost yet (needed after 3 years I think?)

      While we are not knocking the incentives – 5000 government incentive, no road tax – it’s just too high a price at the moment with the battery lease.

      Another upfront cost is the charging station needed at home – a cable isn’t an option if you have residential parking and the property is a distance away from the parking space.

      Roll on battery developments – if better (cheaper) storage methods were found, EVs would take off far quicker.

        • Nat

          EV s are MOT exempt….
          How long for? Until VOSA realise they’re missing out or until there’s an accident?
          It’s something that is never mentioned about EV s, being hushed up?

            • Jeffrey Lam

              Interesting question… However… how many EVs over 3 years old (and therefore would need an MOT if they were a conventional car) are on the road at the moment? Not enough for VOSA to worry about I imagine.

              Also, what’s in an MOT test again? Obviously the emissions test wouldn’t apply. That leaves the seatbelt check, the lights (headlights, indicators etc.), bodywork (rust etc.), anything else I’ve missed? Anyone not wearing a seatbelt or having lights not working stand a chance of being pulled over by the police anyway. I can’t imagine there being many rusting EVs on the road yet.

              I suppose there should be an MOT at some point in the future, but the number of exempt EVs on the road that would have needed an MOT if they were an ICE car are pretty small at the moment.

                • Dav

                  How about steering, tyres, suspension, BRAKES….


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    • Green Steve

      It sort of depends on how CO2 heavy the production process of the car is as to whether it’s really your best option though…