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16 responses to “Doublethink is alive and well”

    • THeresa monagle

      everything in what we say, or do, should be making the world a GREENER place.
      be it installing solar or wind power stations, it must be done…
      we cannot afford to mess around with the world..
      so lets get together and save it..

    • Rob Allpress

      The strike price given for Hinckley shows that Cameron and his successors believe the electricity price will double by the time Hinckley C comes online. Removing £58 from a bill of £2000+ will seem very small in 10 years time.
      Ecotricity showing the way by reducing prices as customer numbers increase.

    • John Booth

      Another great example that we can’t trust the politicians the media or large energy corporations with vested interest. It is up to all of us who understand the dangers we face of ignoring climate change and the reasons for it. The best thing to do in my opinion is to lead by example and switch to Green energy. Then we must all educate our friend’s family and work colleges to do the same.

    • Chris

      What about the cost of dealing with the last generation of nuclear?

      They reckon the nuclear leak at Dounreay in Scotland will never be fully cleaned up. Even though we I’m sure will carry on paying for it long after the company execs involved have retired to Monaco! !

    • Laurence

      With the capacity stated, that amount of new nuclear would supply about 60% of UK electricity – 364TWh in 2012.

      So, yes £111/yr is a lot, but that is also a lot of low carbon electricity from nuclear.

      Thanks for the article, lots to think about.

    • Chris Hawes

      Please, Dale, start a petition on or 38 degrees to make the country aware of this absurd subsidisation of nuclear power.

    • Richard Holmes

      It’s disappointing that none of the costings for how our bills are made up includes a -ve figure for the energy not being consumed as a result of historic energy saving intallations. Surely the sums need to show what the costs would be without them, otherwise they just appear as a burden.

    • Alan Lee

      We need all renewable energys, no nuclear. Nuclear is not the answer at all.

      The pv solar, feed in tarifs (fits) were the best chance of taking people out of fuel povity and who gained out of this? In the main the rich, who could efford to pay 15k for a 4kw system, complete madness. How could anyone let the rich get richer and the poor pay for it. Frustrating to say the least.

        • Joe V

          I saw a comment by BobbyLlew that captured the essence of this argument – only the rich benefit from FIT. (see his blog).

          If someone can afford to invest in solar panels and doesn’t bother, then they are the people who should be criticised.

          The climate needs all the help it can get, and it’s more important to encourage everybody (regardless of income) to invest in green micro-generation, and the government must reverse their decision to abandon it.

          It’s far better than spending £15k on a new ICE car, so I say good luck to them. Regards.

    • mary omnes


      It’s strange because I saw a report on ‘Newsnight’ about subsidies for the nuclear industry and a new power station been built run by a Chinese/French partnership. It all seemed so implausible and it was late at night so I was sure I’d misunderstood, because apart from the Chinese/French thing I couldn’t believe with all the outcry about green subsidies that apparently without a blink an extra £135/year was going to be added on to everyone’s bill for 35 years, and then the following days I didn’t see any public outcry about it, so I decided yeah I’d definitely got that one wrong, but apparently I hadn’t and it’s really going to happen. That’s terrible news, apart from the mind boggling increase on my bill I don’t like nuclear energy, and it feels as if we our paying to hand over a huge part of our energy industry to be run by the French and Chinese, surely that can’t be the solution to anything. It’s frustrating because as an individual I feel helpless to do anything about it.


      (PS I saw in the local newspaper Mr Vince got an honorary doctor degree. Congratulations-nice hat! Do you get to keep it?)

    • Mack

      Here is the thing I don’t understand. The building code in the UK doesn’t seem to enforce any sort of reasonable standard for insuring that at least new places are energy efficient. (if you think they are, travel to some other countries where they really do this) This is an easy thing to fix but is a lot less sexy than green power.

    • Jonathan Cobb

      That’s a very optimistic view of wholesale prices given the current trend in fossil fuel prices.If the fossil-driven wholesale price rises as expected the ‘support’ becomes less and less, and could result in payments back from the generator – whether from nuclear or renewable CFDs. Seems a little bit doublespeak too to compare cost per bill of 30% nuclear generation with cost of current smaller deployment of renewables and the other measures.

    • Jon Knight

      Quick question: where does the 27400MW for new nuclear come from? The Government was aiming for 16-19GWe of capacity by 2025 (or 2030 now that the timescales have slipped)[1]. At the same time all bar two existing nuclear sites are slated to start decommissioning by 2025. So if generation capacity is going to be lower than 27.4GW by 2025, that means that the (relative) £111.09 per year will be lower.


    • Mogens L.Lesch

      Hello Dale,

      I don´t know if you read this, but we´ll see. I´ve got informations about you in a german facebookcomunity. There is a person you should know. Preben Maegaard. I am sure, that could give you more visions than you already have. You can contact me via email. Kind regards Mogens

    • Sorin Moroianu

      We definitely need to start a petition about this. I don’t want bloody nuclear power! They can shove it up their ..
      Green energy is the best!
      Question: Ecotricity,how can we help? I would not mind volunteering. I already asked for car sticker.. Is there anything else that I/we can do?

    • Helen

      The ECO scheme benefits ‘low income households’ only for so long as they remain living in the same property,and thus enjoy the energy efficiency improvements. The real beneficaries are Private Landlords, who get free insulation/new boiler/radiators due to their tenant’s poverty, but are free to evict those tenants and re-let property to others (at a higher rent thanks to the improvements) within months. Council/housing association tenants are NOT able to apply to the ECO scheme, so are reliant on thier social landlords own (slow)improvement timetable. A small number of impoverished home owners may qualify, but the hoops needed to jump through make it often inpractical.