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3 responses to “Interesting Times”

    • Alan lee

      Hi Dale,
      I have just been reading what you have said about our energy systems at present.
      I feel as long as there is oil and gas we have a problem. A lot of MPs are tied to energy companies. To me this is not right, a MPs job should be a full time job and no other jobs aloud as how can you stay impartial when you are linked to something else, what ever it may me.

    • Rob Allpress

      “Investment in renewables, to the extent they come to dominate the grid, is the best and probably the only way to keep energy bills down in the long term. The era of fossil fuels is at the beginning of the end, coupled with our need to urgently address climate change – massive investment in Renewable energy is the logical conclusion.” – just about the best paragraph i have seen written to sum up the green movement.
      It must be immensely difficult trying to get anything done under this government but it is the small guys, community groups and individuals who will win this battle in the end!

    • mary omnes

      An interesting and insightful article.

      It’s ironic that the Tories and UKIP complain about foreigners taking English jobs yet without any of them batting an eyelid they sell off all the countries basic needs and resources, energy, transport, post-office and health soon, to foreigners who take all the profits out of the country while providing bad and expensive services. At least the ‘awful’ immigrants pay taxes, and often contribute to local communities in positive ways.

      I sometimes try to convince people to chose renewable energy but then when I’m out walking with friends or driving by wind farms up north, if the turbines aren’t turning,they mock me and tell me renewable energy is a waste of time. Have you or any of your team got any satisfactory reply in such circumstances? I am always at a loss as to what to say.

      Keep up your good work.