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7 responses to “Are we really quitting on England?”

    • Jonathan A Holland

      Hi Dale.

      You haven’t mentioned Wales. Surely there must be loads of opportunities available to you here?


    • Damon

      Yes, “short term political expediency” is when 99% of politicians give the other 1% a bad name! B^>

      Someone was just having a go at Ed Davey on Twitter about the watering down of CSH for new build; I wonder if there might be a common theme, with short term popularity and long term costs?



    • steve edney

      Maybe you should switch to our 250kW hydroponic buildings powered by solar, grow 2,000 acres in half an acre building, ideal for superfoods.
      Dual income to eliviate and offset any nasty government interference and changes.
      Vertical allotments and mainstream superfood products without the airmiles and zero carbon.
      Last planning in five weeks with the comment from the council that this could be the saviour of growing in the UK.

    • zag

      Excellent work. keep it up. I wouldn’t worry too much about short term politics. Any business has to change and adapt as they grow. With the rise of UKIP its hardly surprising the conservatives have to be seen to be matching their right wing policies.

      They have indicated that offshore wind is still a priority in England so its not all doom and gloom for renewables, I just don’t think the economics of offshore stack up yet unless you are a billion pound investment company.

      Also it might be worth looking at some acquisitions of other companies that already own wind farm assets or hold planning permission.

    • Neil Carmichael

      Thanks to the way you have structured yourselves it is great you can ride-out this political storm. I do worry other wind companies may not, if that happens would you bring them into the family as you did with the turbine manufacturer?

    • Jon Knight

      I wonder if Mr Pickles will be putting the skids under fracking planning applications that are going to be very unpopular with local voters? That’ll be fun to watch. 🙂

    • James

      Wow very powerful