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6 responses to “David – don’t break wind!”

    • Jon Knight

      The point about fracking running rough shod over planning is a great point and one that has been asked repeatedly. I wonder if Pickles will block fracking rigs like he has solar farms and wind turbines, or if he’ll treat them like the housing estates being built on green field sites (eg at the back of Anne Hathaways cottage in Stratford-upon-Avon – you don’t get much more “heritage” than that!).

    • Jonny Holt

      There are two other – increasingly important – points in favour of onshore wind which are worth mentioning. First, it is by far the quickest capacity to add to the UK’s generating fleet, public enquiries notwithstanding. Second, it is the easiest and quickest to remove, leaving little in the way of environmental degradation, should the turbines become unnecessary or obsolete at some point in the future. The argument that wind turbines spoil our countryside forever is fantasy – even if one accepts that some people genuinely find them ugly.

    • Ian Hickey

      You always get one fly in the ointment, always complaining that we are running out of energy when its staring you right in the face, renewable energy works.

    • Katherine Brierley

      Wind energy – “can cause considerable consternation for local communities” – does this mean one law for the powerful corporate fracking companies and another for wind companies. Seems a bit like the current trend for all other things!!

    • flotsam

      Someone I know suggested siting mini windmills down the motorways. And why not? Seems sensible given the wind drag from traffic and why should traffic users have an uninhibited scenic view.

    • Martin

      I wrote a similar letter to my local MP. Got the same illogical answer. I’ve been a Tory voter for over 20 years – not this time.

      Constantly causing death and destruction across the Middle East meddling over fuel when we have a free resource that could be maximised to everyone’s benefit.

      Don’t even start on fracking. Anyone can see it’s got the words stupid and greed written over every facet of it