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11 responses to “David Cameron – Mythmonger”

    • Rob Allpress

      the thing with Cameron is that every time he opens his mouth it becomes more and more obvious that he is not acting for the people of this country, but for his eton friends and the fossil fuel industry. #cameronout

    • glenys gibbons

      It will be unnecessary and anti existing pledges to invest in a carbon causing industry. Follow Germanys lead and New Yorks and so not go near it.

    • John Pilling

      When will British politicians wake up, and see what is plain to see, the Fracking industry is a dying industry, which will not only cost the tax payer millions, but will also harm the the environment, harm the health of British citizens, pollute the air that we breathe, pollute the water that we drink, and scar the landscape for generations to come, and who knows what other harms it will cause that have yet to come to light ?

        • Adrian Bates

          Unfortunately they’ll ‘wake up’ shortly after they’ve made their millions (or billions). It has always been so, but we should still make our voices heard – the game IS slowly changing.

            • Nigel Green

              And again it will be the tax payer who has to pay for the clean up after the fracking industry has made it’s money and run. Probably off to the next hare-brained scheme.

        • Julian

          Sounds like the renewable industry to me. Are you in the renewable industry?

    • Greg Dance

      If Cameron could achieve a popularity rating equal to that achieved by wind turbines in a poll I participated in today ( of 83% liked in his own party then he would not be so likely to be seen as a fool by attacking them.
      His attempt to debase their popularity shows his weakness, not strength and unlike the vemonous spite of Farrage against Immigrants will not gain him any votes at all!
      He is a failed idiot and the sooner that he and Clegg leave office the sooner the country can begin to recover from toxic toff supremacy culture, and corporate raiding of our NHS and nationally owned natural assets.

    • David Durant

      Curious to know what Cameron was saying to you in the above photo Dale. Empty promises and hot air perhaps?
      Thank God you have provided us access to clean renewable energy through Ecotricity and you are investing the money we pay you to develop new sources of renewable energy and making it more widely available. I think we have gone beyond fighting and insulting those clowns at Westiminster, and instead we are now able to make conscious choices and put our money where our values are, and this, ultimately will dictate the future, NOT decisions made in Westminster, but by the way we spend our money and the choices we make. Thank you Dale!

    • Joe V

      I note that some people are saying the North Sea Oil Industry is close to collapse. Let’s hope that the people being laid off can adapt their skills to assist with the installation of off-shore wind farms. Perhaps this is the perfect time?

    • Paul D

      Who cares if the ‘majority’ don’t want wind turbines??

      That implies that politics ignores facts (that wind turbines are currently the only answer) in favour of politiciams only caring about their skins and wanting to win the next election for themselves.

      In any case surely the negative opinion is based on misinformation which members of parliament have pushed when interviewed by media, instead of the government producing educational materials that state facts about wind turbines.

      One of the first things the coalition did was to stop the broadcast of climate change public innformation films, then lied about the reasons for doing so.

      That sums up the coalitions term in power.

    • Chris

      I know both liberals and conservatives who feel deeply betrayed by Mr Cameron’s government and false promises. His shattered ‘greenest government ever’ pledge mirrors his complete deception on ‘no top down reorganisation of the NHS’ (before implementing the biggest ever £3 billion re-organisation/privatisation drive in its history).

      Apologies, I know I’m off topic. But it’s hard to keep your mouth shut when you’re this upset :'(.