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8 responses to “Pants on Fire”

    • Derek Thomas

      I can understand your anger on the Government policy to wind energy but it is a great pity you have chosen to financially support David Drew and the Labour Party both of which I hate. History shows a Labour Government will always leave the country in a mess.

        • Joe

          Not strictly correct – the collapse of the corrupt banking industry left the country in a mess, that time.
          Had Labour stuck to its traditional policies instead of trying to imitate the tories, it’s debatable whether this country would have been in such a pickle.
          But, it’s all water under the bridge and now we are faced with 5 years of the tories continuing to dismantle the NHS.
          Don’t hate the Labour Party, they just forgot where their origins were.

            • Derek Thomas

              You need to examine the Labour party performance over the last 60 years. Each time they are in power they leave the country in a mess

                • Joe

                  As I said, you’ve ignored £375bn given to the banks. Without that, their performance would have been a lot less damaging than the recent coalition.
                  Having been alive for all but one of their post war periods in office, I can tell you that I have been considerably better off as a worker than under the tories, who have repeatedly pulled the rug from under my feet.
                  Hence, I don’t hate Labour, they just lost sight of their goals and allowed themselves to be dominated by their sponsors.

    • Mike Lee

      Assuming the potential election of a right wing government (tory/ukip coalition?) post May 7th – who could then go on to block the installation of any more onshore windfarms – what plans do Ecotricity have to continue to expand green electrical energy generation?

        • Tom Goodenough

          I imagine that Ecotricty wil work hard to retain the generous subsidy that has built a buisness valued at over £100m – what business person wouldn’t? If the on shore wind subsidy gets cut or removed then I imagine that they will look to farm whatever other subsidy is available.

    • Fred

      Thank goodness the country woke up to the reality of a Labour-SNP coalition and voted for a sensible pakage of economic policies that will continue to put right the dreadful mess left by Labour in 2010. Here’s to five years of common sense, less subsidy and less tax all round!

    • Jules

      Hi – unrelated slightly. Am trying to put an eco centre together in Leicestershire. Land owned by Jelson and has been given planning for 41 dwellings. I want to get this land for the community..information, ridding labels, eco-friendly, promoting awareness, urban honey, attracting wildlife, gaining awareness/passing on knowledge, attacking apathy, self sufficiency…but I need help. Not financial (unless there’s offers!) but i am one person against Jelson! A good friend from Stroud has suggested a few names and I don’t know where to go from here. I have pieces of the puzzle, but I can’t put them together on my own. Any assistance would be dearly welcome. Once they get their diggers out, they won’t go back in again! Thank you