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6 responses to “Leaking renewable targets”

    • Dominic M'Benga

      When is somebody going to take this government to task on its climate vandalism as Dutch and Pakistani people have with their governments.

      I have spent 5 years of my life and every penny that I have developing a renewable energy product, a product that with technoligy partner Siemens we aim to release to the UK market in Jan 2016, will they be a market in the UK, probabily not as our governments plan is to buy carbon credits from our German friends to the detriment of our own industry, nonsense.

    • David Thomas

      The explanation for this debacle is #FrackerCameron and his official #Fracking Environmental Advisors

    • Mark

      Wow! I am surprised that I am surprised at the lying and deceit of this government.

      Here we are trying to save the planet AND lower energy bills while our government sells our future to the chinese nuclear, quadrilla fracking and more fossil fuels.
      This needs to be covered by mainstream press.
      Up the people, up the power of the people and save the planet!

    • Joe

      Of course, if all else fails, the tories will simply change the law to remove any targets. They have taken the public as fools and mostly been proved right.

    • John Dudman

      Renewable exported? Production of domestic solar panels seem already to have been exported. We were offered panels made in China, Germany and Canada. But with feed in tariff cuts no one is going to buying these anyway.

    • Raymond Dawson

      What more can be said about the abysmal record of this government than what has already been said. We are in a dire situation in terms of climate change and the rate of increase of atmospheric pollution and I would expect the people in positions of power to be showing leadership in the battle to save our environment. Instead they are working with big industry to ensure that those with the wealth and power, particularly the fossil fuel companies, can continue to cling on at the top at the expense of all other living things on our planet. The system needs to change and very soon.