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2 responses to “Brexit fallout – video interview”

    • A3dom

      I and my peers wondered what the reasoning behind the vote for Brexit was. As all the main Conspirators Johnson, Farage, Gove, Cameron not forgetting Osbourne who brought about and instigated the vote, then left us, the Batch consignment, to our own devices for one reason or another? We were left wallowing in their mess. They started it, and then wanted nothing to do with the inevitable fallout, once the $hit hit the fan.
      The Masses were fooled by the Few. The claim that the vote for Brexit was a huge majority in favour of Brexiteers is false as we all well know; but there are approximately 46.5 million people eligible to vote, give or take, living within the United Kingdom. 33.5 million Of which took part in the vote for Brexit. That’s some 13 million people for one reason or another didn’t vote, couldn’t vote or just were not bothered in doing so. But they, the Plutocrats, are in control and what they feed us is what we accept. In the end we will all suffer, from their miss-management of this great country, slowly but surely eroding away the rights you and I take for granted, starting with our rights to protest against this decision. Our basic Human Rights will start falling to the wayside as an effect of voting to leave the EU, as the EU was the only thing keeping them reined in, so to speak.
      Brexit means Brexit that’s a load of BS but ignorance is bliss until it starts to affect you personally right?

    • Stuart

      Exactly but someone somewhere needs to sort out and define referendum without a snakeoil government taking electoral advisories for ideological gain.

      Close ties in referendum are not an indication of a win but a indication of divide.
      Our society is now divided and hate crime has gone through the roof via a disgusting period of politics.
      We have to set strong guidelines for referendum, there has to be a tiered minimum majority depending on turnout.