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3 responses to “Green Gas”

    • Jon Knight

      I’m all for green gas using AD – I’ve been an Ecotricity Green Gas customer since the product was launched. It’s great to see progress being made at last. I know our Transition Town group looked at AD from restaurant food waste and whilst the technology was there, the legal and contractual nightmares prevented us taking anything forward.

      However on a point of order, the grass will be an energy crop, and it also isn’t the only non-edible energy crop being grown on marginal or polluted land. Just down the road from me are large stands of SRC hazel & willow, bring grown on a combination of poor, wet ground and areas that had foot and mouth burning pits in them. Scotland is covered by stands of woodland that can provide energy (as well as timber – very permaculture as it’s using vertical space to get maximal output from minimal inputs! 😀).

      What we need to ask the Government to do is to have disincentives for energy crops that compete directly with vegetative food production, whilst incentivizing energy crops elsewhere. That’s going to be tricky for them to do as there’s plenty of grey areas and scope for dodgy dealing.

    • Jason

      Have you considered the possibility of combining gas mills with small modular Gas to Liquid (GTL) plants to produce transport fuel? If you can substitute fossil fuels in the conventional car fleet it would be a fantastic way to decarbonise road transport (and freight and rail). The technology for this is also mature.

    • Adam Stevens

      Sadly I can’t add anything intellectually to this but I do have a young family and so huge motivation to change habits and actively seek new ways to preserve our planet.

      You have totally convinced me with your article Dale and I’m looking into switching to Ecotricity as we speak.

      Unfortunately i don’t think we are able to trust our government to make progressive decisions that will truly make a difference to our lives. I am a firm believer the power is in our hands. By doing a tiny bit of research, making some informed choices and supporting movements like this i hope will make a difference.

      If there is anything i can do to aid your cause please get in touch.